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What Is MaidSafeCoin?

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies which exist now. Each of them has its own features, positive and negative sides.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency which is run on the framework. It gave the start and generated other cryptocurrencies. All of them are based on the same concept. There are only a few points that make them unique.

Now, the cryptocurrency created by MaidSafe is one of the newest cryptocurrencies. MaidSafeCoin is known as MAID (Massive Array of Internet Disks). It is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency. Maid currency is a type of digital asset. This MaidSafe coin was specially designed to provide secure transactions.

MaidSafe is a company which is creating a new SAFE Network. SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) Network is a new decentralized database service. The SAFE network is decentralized data storage, which aim will be to provide secure and low-cost infrastructure for everyone. It is also designed in order to share the unused computer recourses: program storage space, internet connectivity, processing power. SAFE Network is the secure Internet, which is not based on blockchain technology.

MaidSafe is a fully decentralized data management system, where the developers are able to create their decentralized applications. With MaidSafe, you may share your unused computer resources. With MaidSafe, you can replace the entire Internet.

MaidSafe does not use Proof of Work; instead, it used a new algorithm which is known as Proof of Recourses. Proof of Recourses uses miners CPU’s and regulates the MaidSafe network. The computing power is essentially being used for a higher purpose.

The biggest difficulty in blockchain technology (MaidSafe is not blockchain) is that it is difficult for users to join the network, application or to join a platform. David Irvine (MaidSafeCoin developer) made MaidSafe be an easy process for everyone.

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MaidSafeCoin was designed and developed by Scottish engineer David Irvine in 2006.

MaidSafe Company is based in Troon in Scotland. It develops its project with the help of sponsors support.

The very first launch was in February 2016. In September the same year, email feature was represented to the users. The Alpha1 version of MaidSafe was released in August 2016, and the Alpha 2 version was released on September 21, 2017. MaidSafe consists of thinkers, PHDs, investors, tinkerers, designers, engineers. Each of them performs its individual role and function, in order to develop MaidSafe.

In September 2, 2017 MaidSafeCoin’s market capitalization was 300,000,000 dollars.

Now, MaidSafeCoin is one of the largest crypto-currencies of the market capitalization. Although MaidSafeCoin provides a great support for its currency, the company is basically working on creating its own blockchain which will help to find other currency use.

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The Internet users’ interest in the cryptocurrency world is rising rapidly. That is all because virtual money operations are not controlled by any credit and financial institutions. Cryptocurrency is not influenced by the government. This property of virtual money is called decentralization. Decentralization is the process of distributing functions, powers, people or things away from the central authority. The aim of the decentralized system is replacing existing network insecure servers with a fully distributed, secure and private network system, where nobody can steal, copy, and sell your data. The platform offers a distributed network system which allows its developers to create various secure apps.

A decentralized exchange does not rely on a third-party service. Instead, trades are performed directly between users (peer-to-peer) with the help of automated process.

The greatest benefit in a decentralize exchange is their” “trustless” feature. It means that you do not allow any central authority to store your funds because they are held by you in your wallet.

Privacy is the other benefit. Users should not show their personal information to anyone (except the way if the exchange method includes bank transfers).

And the last, the distribution of decentralized exchanges is distributed through the nodes. It means that there is no risk of server downtime.

How Does MaidSafe Work?

Firstly, you need to create an account and decide how much space you would like to devote to the network.

Upload your file.

MaidSafe encrypts and breaks down the files into several chunks. These chunks are stored on different computers in the network.

The decryption key is used only for the user.

Users pay for this service via SafeCoin. If you want you can store all your data with the help of the database. But you need to know that it may be stolen by hackers. If you want to avoid it and protect your data from various problems, you may use MaidSafe safe coins.

If you save your file with its help you will be sure that you will be able to encrypt it and protect from various hackers’ attacks.

It will provide you with a great security level so that nobody will break it.

By providing your unused computing resources to SAFE you will be paid in a SafeCoin.
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  • File is encrypted with the help of MaidSafe’s algorithm.

  • MaidSafe confuses the data by running it through another, public encryption standard.

The encryption method is very valuable because nobody can read your data. It is encrypted and the data’s shards are distributed and scattered all over the Internet. The greatest MaidSafe network benefit leads in its security system, which ensures that nobody knows where these scattered shards are. Nobody will access your data without your personal permission.

Is Maid Investment A Good Idea?

Currently, you may invest in a new form of money which is called “cryptocurrency”. Secure Maidsafe coins provide a high-security level compared to other currencies. It keeps on growing.

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It is wise and logical that people like to invest their money in something that is really reliable and secure. They like to invest and gain a great profit. One of the best networks that they can get easily is through the MaidSafeCoin.

The Maidsafe is based on the SAFE service. SAFE means the Secure Access for everyone. In comparison with the other types of coins, this cryptocurrency is different, because it doesn’t make use of the blockchain technology.

Now Maid market is growing and developing. So, you may invest your money in MaidSafe, and you may notice that your investment will provide you with good returns.

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  • Today’s online data is not safe. There are hackers who want to steal your data. MAID enables creation of fast and secure apps that help ensure visual privacy and security to everyone.

  • Great potential for exponential growth.

  • The SAFE Network

    You may be sure that your files are provided with a safe network system. Each file is encrypted before it is stored in a random location which is selected by the network.  The nodes (each node performs a number of different functions) are joined to the network anonymously.  It is the network which does not require any human intervention or administration.

  • No centralized authority

    MaidSafe has not any centralized authority. Network nodes perform different functions, and every function is based on the types of messages they receive. MaidSafe is fully anonymous and secure and it cannot be controlled and be owned.

  • Physical Security

    Physical security is one of the most important features that data network provides. The SAFE Network provides physical security, ensuring that only the network knows where the data is. Only the user can access the data and only the data owner can delete or modify the original piece of data with the network verifying who has the right to access each piece of data.

  • All the users who let their computer power to be used by the other users of the network will receive a reward in return. This may be a great benefit for people who have a vacant computer.

  • Full Featured Coin

    SafeCoins can be used to pay different services or products.

  • The transfer mechanism of MaidSafe prevents double-spending.

  • No third parties. MaidSafe is a platform, and the use of its protocols is based on a voluntary contract between users and the network itself. There is not any participation of other people.

What Is The MaidSafe Goal?

MaidSafe is an organization, which aim is to create SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) Network. MaidSafe has a high level of security which is not similar to the existing. Currently, nobody can trust their data, because storing it online became insecure and risky. MaidSafe goal is to check it and provide privacy and security to your data. People who share their computer recourse receive MaidSafe cryptocurrency in return.

What Is SafeCoin?

The safe coin is the heart of cryptocurrency network. It is designed for peer-to-peer sharing of unused computer recourses (disk drive storage, CPU, GPU, random access memory, network communications).

SafeCoin is a credit system which is used by the Secure Access for Everyone (SAFE) Network. This network is arranged in such a way that everyone can set their computer as a node in the SAFE network, allowing network traffic to use their resources in exchange for the reward, – a network token called SafeCoin. So, if you are a part of the Safe Network and you are contributing your recourses you can save coin in return.

The SafeCoin cap includes of 4, 3 billion coins. Only 10 percent of this amount was released via MaidSafeCoin.

The SafeCoin offers a new algorithm which is called a Proof of Resource. The SafeCoin is generated by the network or its participants.

The more data users withdrawn from the network, the more SafeCoins are earned. In addition to this, you need to know that the reward depends on the processor speed, memory bandwidth, disk space and online time. The Safe coin may be used by all the participants of the network. It is issued by Farmers and Builders.

The SafeCoin system, in comparison with Bitcoin’s blockchain system which takes about 10 minutes, can perform millions of transactions per second and check them at network speed.

The SafeCoin transaction manager remembers only the previous and the existing owner of the SafeCoin, while Bitcoin blockchain remembers all the owners, as well as a complete transaction history.

In comparison with the other currencies, the SafeCoin distribution is provided by the information and the number of coins, which is regulated by the SAFE network, is related to a number of resources which are allocated to it.

The SafeCoin can only circulate in the SAFE network. It can be stored in the wallets of its users who use it in order to purchase services on the network.


What Is SAFE Network?

Scottish MaidSafe programmers decided to create their own absolutely independent network. They called it SAFE. Like any individual network, SAFE operates in a Global Network, but the storage of various data is decentralized.

The SAFE Network is made up of the unused space on the hard drive, which offers a great level of security and privacy to its users. Its aim will provide its users with a full control of their data so that they won’t trust it to various organizations.

The SAFE Network technology work also leads in using peer-to-peer technology, which shares recourses between interconnected nodes without the use of centralized authority. It means, that the SAFE Network combines (joins) the scattered computing power of all the SAFE users. It creates a Global network which is available to everyone.

The SAFE network is created from unused disk space, CPU power and network capabilities of ordinary computers. These computers are considered to belong to the system users, but it is not necessary.  Each computer will is able to mine the credits, which then can be exchanged for goods and services. These loans are called SafeCoins.

SAFE Network uses SafeCoin as a credit system. SAFE Network interacts with farmers and builders.

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The network is created with the help of idle computer resources. Farmers, as well as the Bitcoin miners, earn coins, providing the resources of their computers. Farmers use the MaidSafe client to ensure the operation of the SAFE network nodes, they receive Safecoins in return.

Everyone can be a farmer. All you need is to download the application for the SAFE network and run it in the vault mode. The network is able to adapt automatically. The network stores the data and distributes them randomly among the numerous nodes.

The system works on the principle of Proof of Resource (P.O.R), verifying that the allocated resource by the farmer is really available to use.

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Builders create special SAFE network apps, and also receive SafeCoins in return. Safe Network processes both static and dynamic data.

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  • The ultimate smart contract

    SAFE stores and protects all data within a network that has been designed for this specific task, and Farmers are paid for their excess resource that comprises the network. The network calculates the costs of services (such as storage, communications and in time computation) providing it to the user at the lowest possible cost. You should think of this as the ultimate smart contract.

  • No middleman

    You should not ask someone to store your password. Now, your keyword and PIN will be used to set your data on the network and the password will be used to decrypt it locally. You do not need someone to store your files, hold your login information. This is a Self-Authentification process, which allows you to unlock, find or decrypt your personal data.

  • Self-encryption

    It means that all the files which are downloaded to the network will be broken into of pieces. They will be encrypted and distributed across the network. The process of braking, encrypting and distributing is called “Self-encryption”.

    What does it mean? And how goes it work? The answer is simple. When you want to download or save a file via the SAFE Network application, it will be broken into several shards. These shards will be encrypted so that only authorized parties can read them. Then, these encrypted files will be randomized and kept on the computers of the other SAFE Network users. You may be sure that these encrypted files will be available and readable only to their owner.

  • Opportunistic Data Caching

    The distributed feature of the network system ensures its users with a full security of their files. Decentralized and encrypted files provide a great security, so that nobody, not even the third party will have access to it. Opportunistic data catching makes automatic copies of popular data.  So, popular data feeds will be accelerated as they get more visitors rather than slow down and collapsing as it is on today’s Internet.

  • Duplicated Copies

    The network was specially designed to keep duplicated copies of each piece of data all the time. Even if you turn off your computer the network is still working. It makes more copies and stores them on other machines.  It is the key feature of the SAFE Network because it provides its users with a constant access to their files. Moreover, because constant changing of data location, hackers do not have a central point to be focused on.

  • Duplicated copies are removed

    SAFE Network benefit is by removing the unneeded duplicated files. What does it mean? Users who have downloaded the same file will be automatically referred to the original. Duplicated files will be removed.

  • Global distribution without the human intervention

    With the help of special algorithms, SafeCoins are distributed within the SAFE Network. Each coin will have its own unique identity. Humans are not involved in this process. SafeCoins will be recycled when the users want to exchange them for network services.

  • Farming

    Everyone can provide their recourse to the network (CPU, storage space, bandwidth). The process which aims are receiving SafeCoins and providing necessary resource is called “farming”. The SAFE Network manages the encrypted data resourses.

  • Easy to start

    MaidSafe is very simple to install. All you need is to click “install’ and it is running.

  • 100% secure

    It is 100% secure and private.

  • Highly usable and free API

  • SafeCoins are fully distributed by SAFE network algorithms

  • There are not administrators - only users

  • Privacy and data protection are provided by thousands of algorithms, running on hundreds of nodes.

  • No one has access to other people's data if they are not specifically disseminated

  • The server cannot be hacked

  • The uncensored Internet

    SAFE network database will be able to share information without worrying or having the fear that the government or another group will censor them.

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The Safe Network is an open resource, which is accessible to everyone. Everyone can share their computer recourses and it does not matter where you are. You are able to share computer resources all over the world.

Best MaidSafeCoin Wallet

[title_mod title_pos=”center” title_line=”inside-title” title_name=”Omniwallet” title_line_color=”#1e73be”]

A lot of MasterCoin holders recommend Omniwallet as the best MaidSafeCoin wallet. It controls your private key, Creates assets, launches crowd sales, and trade on the distributed exchange. Omniwallet is a great web wallet. It offers client-side encryption, wallet backup and storing your wallet offline. It combines security, usability and multi-currency support.

How to Buy MaidSafeCoins?

If you decide to buy MaidSafeCoin you need to know how and where you can do it. So, MaidSafeCoin can be bought and traded on a lot of exchanges.

  • Poloniex Exchange

    Poloniex is a crypto exchange which is located in the USA. Thanks to the live chart and charts of technical analyses you’ll always keep up with news flaw and trading features.

  • Live Coin

    Live Coin is a great US exchange platform, which offers maximum security and great trading features.

  • Curex

    CUREX is an exchange platform where you can exchange currencies with other people.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Final Thoughts” style=”3″]MaidSafe is a completely decentralized platform, allowing the developers to create their decentralized applications. It uses a new technology which is known as Proof of Resource. The Safe network is decentralized data storage, which provides a safe infrastructure for everyone. To sum up, all the information shows that MaidSafeCoin is a really great discovery which will have a great future.[/wpsm_titlebox]