What Is Gimmer ICO?

Everyone knows that trading or investing in the crypto market is not an easy process. You need a lot of time to learn the necessary information, statistics, and history of the project where you are aimed to invest your money in. It’s not enough to understand the complexities of trading, but also the complexities of a rapidly growing crypto market.  If you want to invest your money and do not fail, you should constantly monitor the changes in the crypto market. Because it is opened 24/7, you can easily suggest that such changes are quite frequent.
Gimmer is designed to work as a new a crypto trading platform. It has a quite simple interface, what means that this automated crypto platform will be a great choice for everyone. You should not be an expert or know any programming. The top goal of Gimmer crypto trading platform is to ensure secure, safe and reliable automated services for the more trustful trading experience.

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Features of Gimmer:

  • Crypto- trading bot is offered for free
  • Crypto- trading bot is easy to set up with the personal trading experience of the user
  • You can earn GMR tokens by renting your strategies
  • You can rent bots to the other traders and earn money for it
  • Multiple-coin trading
  • Free backtesting
  • Simulator mode option, which allows you to try your strategy in real time to ensure your customer with confidence
  • 80 indicators of your strategy
  • 10 safeties to your strategy
  • You can trade different coin prices and earn money for it
  • Every user has access to the social trading network
  • Automated crypto lending bot
  • Configurator, which identifies the user’s risk level
  • Decentralized application (DAPP)

What Are The Benefits Of Gimmer?

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Gimmer application is easy to set up
  • Automated system of crypto trading
  • Safe and secure
  • Constant 24/7/365 work
  • Offers integrate social community to share their trading experience
  • Bot is connected to multiple exchanges

What really makes Gimmer be a great project is it’s strong, valuable and important aim. Everyone knows how the crypto trading process is difficult and complicated for everyone. The most difficult is its 24/7/365 trading availability. You need constantly monitor your trading process, that requires a lot of time to spend on. That’s why Gimmer has come to the conclusion to make an automated cryptocurrency trading platform to let all the investors interact, learn and share their knowledge.
Those traders, who have some experience in trading, can set up a trading bot using the point and click interface. They can also rent their trading strategies to the other users through the bot store. It means that the experienced traders can help the beginners, sharing their trading experience. Both experienced or with minimal trading experience traders who are new to crypto can build a strong community, which will be able to earn exchangeable tokens, by creating their own automated trading strategies. It’s a good choice for everyone who wants to be engaged in the crypto trading process, who wants to invest in the crypto market.

How Does Gimmer Work?

Once you’ve set up Gimmer, you can run backtests in order to see how your trading strategy would have performed over the previous trading period. If you see that everything is ready to work, you can charge your crypto trading bot with GMR tokens. The trading bot will connect with your preferable exchange, performing the buy and sell commands automatically.

The Gimmer Token (GMR)

GMR token can be used for renting trading strategies from the other experienced traders, charging automated trading bots, setting up strategies with indicators and for many other purposes. Tokens are also used for rewarding customers through the various social schemes which benefit the community. GMR was released according to the DLT legislation set out by HM Government of Gibraltar.
Token supply: 110,000,000 GMR
Available in presale: 15,000,000 GMR
Available in public token sale: 85,000,000 GMR
Soft cap: 4,800 ETH
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH
Accepted cryptos: ETHER (ETH)
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR
It should be mentioned that any reward, purchase, sale, exchange require GMR tokens.

GMR Tokens are:

  • Ethereum based ERC20 cryptocurrency
  • GMR Tokens have value only in Gimmer platform
  • Available to hold in your compatible ERC20 wallet
  • Exchangeable
  • GMR Tokens consist of 18 decimal places, each decimal is called GIM coin

Token Pre-Sale Of Gimmer ICO



17 January 2018 – 31 January 2018 or when the presale cap is reached

2018/01/31 09:58:00

Token Sale Of Gimmer ICO



 1 February 2018 – 28 February 2018 or when the max cap is reached

2018/02/28 09:58:00

Gimmer ICO Roadmap

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Team of the Gimmer ICO

Pérsio Flexa CTO of Gimmer ICO

Pérsio Flexa


Philipe Comini CEO of Gimmer ICO

Philipe Comini


Paul Lindsell COO of Gimmer ICO

Paul Lindsell


Arrykrishna M. Data scientist & ML enthusiast of Gimmer ICO

Arrykrishna M.

Data scientist & ML enthusiast

Lucas Assis Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader of Gimmer ICO

Lucas Assis

Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader

William Xavier Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader of Gimmer ICO

William Xavier

Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader

Michel Comini Marketing Director of Gimmer ICO

Michel Comini

Marketing Director

JG Mascarin Customer Researcher of Gimmer ICO

JG Mascarin

Customer Researcher

Benjamin Vitáris Journalist of Gimmer ICO

Benjamin Vitáris


JR Mascarin Commercial Director of Gimmer ICO

JR Mascarin

Commercial Director

Masaichi Hasegawa Commercial Director Japan of Gimmer ICO

Masaichi Hasegawa

Commercial Director Japan

Beatriz Marques Community Manager of Gimmer ICO

Beatriz Marques

Community Manager

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Gimmer ICO In Numbers

Gimmer ICO Usage of Funds:

  • RnD and Operations 45%
  • Marketing and acquisition 35%
  • Founders and team 15%
  • Legal and compliance 5%


Gimmer is a great project for everyone who wants to deep into the world of cryptocurrency market. People have different trading experience. Some are experts in it when the others are not. Some people are busy and also cannot monitor the changes in the crypto market. With a Gimmer crypto trading platform, you should not have any programming skills. Gimmer crypto trading platform will do everything instead of you, providing safe and reliable automated services for the trustful trading experience.