Capital One Investing Review


What is CapitalOne?

Capital One may be already known for many of you because of its well-made line of credit cards called “What’s in YOUR wallet?”. Nowadays this company is represented to the world as the full-service brokerage. This company offers an exceeding large choice of the diverse investment services. And all the advice and self-directed accounts are included here. Capital One Investing allows you to get quick access to trade stocks, options, the numerous mutual funds, all the ETFs and much more. They can be reached via the ShareBuilder Investment Plan, PortfolioBuilder or Fund Evaluator.

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Quick Facts About Capital One Investing

Capital One Investing Minimum Deposit


Capital One Investing Commissions

$6.95 flat rate


  • Excellent research tools
  • Customer-friendly web-based platform
  • Possibility to connect accounts
  • iPos tab
  • Super maintenance


  • No cons

Using these services you get the real-time trading which is offered in the web-based variant. You can use the mobile devices as well. Capital One Investing offers its customers the far-reaching research and well-designed and super efficient tools needed for the thorough analysis.

Capital One Invest

It is very simple to create your own account here and then you can select whether you need the general or detailed overview which quickly lets you know how everything works. Both investment and retirement accounts can be together in one place and this is truly very comfortable as it does not cause any confusion. All the notifications are gathered and can be seen in the box to the right.

If something is not clear in managing your accounts, or there are some questions regarding investments or even some issues you can always ask for a piece of advice and get help instantly. The customer support service has a lot of good feedback and the professional advisors can be reached by phone. This is made using the Advisor Connect.


Capital One copes with its tasks and customers’ goals very well and this company can be recommended for trying out.

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