B3 Coin Review

What Is B3 Coin?

B3 Coin is a new coin in the world of cryptocurrency. B3 is a decentralized, transparent and open-sourced blockchain, providing safe and fast transactions to the wide auditory of the network users. It offers a full anonymity with the B3 coin operations. It is a coin with a fast script algorithm PoS, being 12 times faster and more secure than SHA-256 algorithm. B3coin is the first POS coin selling SegWit. B3 coin mining process is quite simple. All you need is to keep track of the latest updates to your wallet and have some B3 coin in it. B3 Coin offers staking rewards of 10,000% per annum.

B3 coin is characterized by the next terms:

  • Anti-Instamine

    Instamine refers to an unfair distribution of coins.  Instamine may arise at the start of the new coin, and the coin developers may expect a rapid growth of prices before selling them. As soon as it happens the newest altcoins will get a significant reduction in their cost. It may lead to the fact that their developers may abandon the project. B3 is an anti-instamine coin, so it is not predicted that it will be an unfair coin distribution in the result of incorrect code, or problems with the initial generation of blocks.

  • NO Premine

    In comparison with instamine coin distribution, premine is a more deliberate act of trying to create a new currency and quickly sell coins with great profits. B3 coin doesn’t predict premine coin distribution.

  • NO ICO

    Initial coin offering (ICO), is used by startups to bypass the rigorous capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks. During the ICO, the digital tokens are sold to investors for crypto-currencies or fiat money. They can be traded on exchanges or used as an internal currency on the project platform.  Although there are successful ICO transactions, the investors should be attentive, because some ICO campaigns are fraudulent. ICO is not regulated by any financial authority, such as SEC. It means that the funds which are lost due to fraudulent initiatives may be never restored. B3 coin does not involve ICO.

  • NO IPO

    Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first public sale of the private company stocks. IPO is used by small or big companies, seeking capital to expand. IPOs are risky for the individual investors because there is not enough historical data, necessary to analyze the company. It becomes more difficult to predict what the stock will do on its initial day of trading as well as in the near future. B3 coin does not involve IPO process.

Available B3 Coin Wallets

  • B3 Windows Wallet

  • B3 Mac Wallet

B3 Coin Annual Staking Rate

0 – 10K

10K – 20K

20K – 30K

30K – 40K

40K – 50K

50K – 60K

60K – 80K

80K – 100K

100K – 1000K

1000K – END











Available Exchanges

cryptopia exchange

B3 Coin Road Map

4th Quarter 2017 - Masternodes

A Masternode is a server that performs secure server functions on the B3 Blockchain and aids in stabilizing the network. In return, Masternodes are paid rewards. Dividends in the form of B3 on a periodic basis, for providing important services.

1st Quarter 2018 - SPV, Android, Exchanges

Simple Payment Verification (SPV) is a technique described in Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper. SPV allows a lightweight client to verify that a transaction is included in the Bitcoin blockchain, without downloading the entire blockchain.

Our Android wallet app will allow you to send and receive funds on the go.

In the first quarter of 2018 we plan on launching B3 Coin on more exchanges such as Bittrex & Binance. More to be announced soon.

2st Quarter 2018 - Core Updates, New Wallets, Segwit

The release of important core updates to the B3 Coin code allowing us to implement Segwit, lightening network and more.

Improvements to the core B3 Wallet with support for all new features.

B3coin will be the first POS coin with Segwit together with Masternodes.

Future Plans for B3 Coin - Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange network will allow you to swap any cryptocurrencies or tokens without an intermiadiary exchange network.


  • Anonymity of coin operations
  • Implementation of SegWi
  • The highest PoS reward


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B3 coin is a new coin, which has all the perspectives for safe growth and successful development. B3 coin consists of experienced developers and designers who are elaborating a strict plan for its further rise and improvement. So, this coin is believed to have a great future.