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Are you thinking of applying for a TN visa? Though the process seems to be easy, it can turn out to be complex and complicated if it is not handled correctly. Even if there is a slight mistake, your chances of rejection will increase.

Many people avoid taking help from professional because they think it will only cost you money. Although they will cost you money, they will increase your chances of getting a TN visa. Many people make plenty of errors when are going to get a TN visa because they are not familiar with the process and rules and regulations. Indeed it may cost you more money than hiring a professional. Expert visa professionals are always ready to help you without any hassles. In such a way you can be totally ensured you have provided the sufficient documents along with informing how to organize everything. There is even a TN visa letter sample for the applicants to have a clear idea about the requirements.


In this article, we have highlighted the top mistakes people make doing everything on their own. Have a look!

Documents Required

One of the most common US visa application mistakes is incomplete pack of documents. People often presume they have all they need but then they get surprised when the Immigration Officer requests for additional information. This to make verify the claims of the applicant.

When it comes to TN visa requirements, not all the documents must be elaborate. The aspects related to the occupation and requirements of the Agreement must be comprehensive. The following factors must be considered:

  • The qualifications of the applicant (the focus must be on licensure and education)
  • Experience of the entrant (though it is only required in some occupations, it is better to always better provide it)
  • The example of articles or any other proof of the accomplishments of the entrant must be provided. You must do it if it is convenient and easy for the applicant.

Presentation of the Documents

One of the many mistakes in US visa application is providing unnecessary documents just to bulk up your application. This is not a smart move and may result in rejection of the visa application. To enhance your chances of approval, you ensure all the documents are securely and neatly packed. It is recommended to always have a photocopy of the documents you are submitting.

Intention of Staying

Getting a TN visa as a temporary worker is very straightforward. It is only possible if you have neatly and properly prepared documents and answer the questions of the Immigration Officers correctly. You must be extremely careful until you have entered the country. This is because an Officer can ask the applicant to return to the home country if there is any problem at the border. It means if the eligibility of the applicant is questionable according to the Immigration Officer, they may turn the entrant away. No matter how far you have traveled to reach the country, you will be sent back if they think something is not right.

Though this is a common problem faced back many entrants, you must be fully prepared to be inspected. The most common reason for sending the applicant back is a failure of creating an intention of nonimmigrant. The Officer may perceive the entrant ineligible according to the Treaty’s Schedule Occupations.

You must keep in mind that one of the visa application errors is not proving your intention of returning back home at some point in life. Since it is not a dual-intent classification visa, you need to convince the Officer.

What Evidence Do You Need to State Your Intent of Stay?

For providing evidence for your intentions, you will need to show your ownership of property or an employment offer with a starting date or a job you will return back to. The Officer will need evidence of intent if the form is filled on a temporary basis or the employment letter mentions that the job position is temporary.

Can You Get TN Visa If Your Intent is not Clear?

Many people think if the intent of stay is not clear, they will not get approved for the TN visa. This is a misconception, even if your intent is not clear, you can still get qualified for TN visa. With the help of evidence, you can get the TN visa. For Canadian visa application, your visa can be approved even if you are not offered a full-time job or own a property. This is possible if you get professional help.

Mistake of Job Title

Another mistake that can cost you money and can lead to rejection is not providing the right Job Title. The NAFTA Job List that is available for the applicants is limited. The titles mentioned in the NAFTA Schedule of Occupations don’t have titles that correspond with the real job titles.

This is the reason why your Employment Letter must mention the Job Title that is on the Schedule. There are some things you need to keep in mind when obtaining Employment Letter.

  • Your letter must be brief
  • The letter must not include any long-term immigration benefits
  • If your letter discusses the benefits in detail, it can be discarded.


To sum everything up, it is quite obvious that hiring a professional has benefits saving time. Agency will inform you how to prepare a presentation, how to demonstrate etc. Chances of rejection are not equal to zero but very high. You can have peace of mind that you will not be in urge to prepare something by yourself. Literally, this is a key to success, being fully prepared will bring the desired result.