Why Invest In 3d Printing?

Together with the poster printing center, we decided to sort out this issue at the numerous requests of readers who are in confusion.

So, all the data points to the fact that you need to take this step, as it is a good investment.

First, because there are no limits for creative people on what they would like to print and how to use it.  It can be metal parts, household items, and even historical reconstructions.  If you are a quickly addicted person, then for a variety of hobbies – this is generally a must-have.

In addition, it is so pleasant when you realize that you have created something yourself, albeit with the help of technology.

You can not only do the same day poster printing you came up with but also what is depicted on it.

So let’s highlight the pros of invest in 3d printing:

1) speed, lightness, and cheapness

If you are an orthodontist, for example, and you need to make parts, dentures, and parts for braces, then you will not need to go to dental technicians and spend most of the money to order it from them.  You can simply print them out at a lower cost.

Or let’s say that you need plastic parts, and it’s not profitable for you to contact manufacturing companies.  In this case, feel free to buy a 3-d printer, as in the future it will be much cheaper and faster.

2) expanding the boundaries of design and creativity 

This also applies to children who, with the help of a 3D printer, will be able to more easily understand what they previously had nowhere to take and had to imagine in their heads.

And it’s easier to work out your idea when you see it in three-dimensional quality.

Simple reading as a way to study something thoroughly is dying.  Now that technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, few education can keep up with the real world.

However, with a 3D printer, we will have time everywhere.

Using 3D printers, children can print models that illustrate complex concepts such as atoms and planets, and how useful this tool is in the study of medicine, chemistry, biology, mechanics, etc. even hard to imagine. 

3) less waste in the production of plastic products 

This is a new environmental friendliness.  Humanity will no longer be able to abandon plastic, for it is everywhere.  We can only manufacture it so that it comes out the first time so that there are no spoiled parts, and then we have to recycle it.

In addition, we will use less transport to transport items from place to place for revision, because everything can be done on a 3D printer within one room.

And you won’t have to litter the planet with that much packing tape.

And then it will be easier for the planet to breathe, and we will not suffer so much from the consequences.

4) easy replacement of broken or obsolete parts

This is already being done by many automotive companies, such as Toyota.

This allows you to reduce the percentage of unnecessary costs in the production and repair of machine parts.

5) it’s always interesting 

If you are an amateur and you are afraid to go somewhere for a serious production with a small order but to make some own thing yourself, then 3D printing is what you need.

6) open your own business 

Well, there is no need to explain too much.  For the reasons described above, this method of production can be called a sphere for the flight of fantasy.  Starting production with a 3D printer is much easier than building a traditional one from scratch.

If all the advantages have not convinced you yet, then here is some additional information on why a lot of people have already chosen 3d printing companies to invest in:

– A variety of areas of application of technology in production, as well as the ability to use it at various stages – when creating prototypes, tools, and final products.

–  A reputation that justifies itself.

– The ability to apply technology in the most demanding and expensive industries, such as medical manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, military, and shipbuilding industries.

In which companies should you invest? 

After analyzing the rialto, you have brought out companies that deserve your trust and have the potential to become leaders in this area.  There are only 3 of them:

1) Materialise (NASDAQ: MTLS) 

A Belgian company that has already acquired offices all over the world.  They employ leading software specialists.

They also own one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world.

The field of activity is many different industries, of which the light industry (they have been cooperating since 2013) and the aerospace industry can be especially distinguished.

For the latter, they produce revolutionary lightweight titanium inserts for spacecraft.

Contributed to the first face transplant in Belgium with their 3D printing technology.

The choice is very well informed and well worth the investment.

2) 3D Systems Corp (NASDAQ: DDD)

The main areas of activity are aerospace, medical, automotive, defense, and jewelry.

We have achieved particular success in the production of dental equipment and appliances such as dentures.

They also print orthopedic, spinal, and veterinary instruments and metal implants.

In the automotive industry, they provide the creation of new prototypes of models, parts for them and reduce the cost of assembly at times.

 3) Stratasys Ltd (NASDAQ: SSYS)

Another well-known name for people who are versed in industrial-scale 3D printing is Stratasys Ltd.

The company was created in cooperation with specialists from the United States and Israel.

Areas of activity are aerospace, dental, automotive, consumer, and medical industries.

They are respected by auto manufacturers due to their high speed of production and prototyping.

Creates anatomical models of a person to check the operation of medical devices.

How to invest in 3d printing materials and companies? 

Step one is to thoroughly understand the topic.

Step two is to study the areas of activity of the companies, the latest news about them, and their successes.

Step three is to collect a certain amount.

Step four is to choose a good stockbroker.  We advise you to take a closer look at the Firstrade service.

There are many factors to consider whether to invest in offset printing, but we believe that you can figure it out. Our team sincerely hopes to have helped you at least a little to understand this complex topic.  But as an investor, you must understand that the future is really behind 3D printing. Good luck to you and your money!