Which Crypto Will Grow Faster?

Cryptocurrency is no longer a hot trend in the modern digital world; it has already been implemented in some payment systems worldwide. At the same time, investors are looking for the fastest-growing crypto to make their portfolios more versatile. The ethereum development company is here to introduce you to sophisticated tendencies in the cryptocurrency investment world. Are you wondering which crypto is better to choose for your portfolio? Here is a top-growing cryptocurrency worth investing in.

The fastest-growing cryptocurrency today

What is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency? What crypto is worth investing in? These and not only questions are popular among investors who are looking for the most successful way to gain more income. Follow the following list of the fastest-growing crypto in the current market.

1.  Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is often associated with Bitcoin in numerous people, as this crypto has rapidly become the worldwide digital king of all cash. Bitcoin, with its demand and popularity, tends to grow fast over the next few years. The future of this type of cryptocurrency is quite promising – more and more organizations globally are ready to accept Bitcoin to their payment systems. Just imagine that Bitcoin`s price has grown by 12,300% – from $500 in 2016 to $62,000 in 2021! The current market cup for Bitcoin is over $1.17 trillion.

2.  Ethereum

Ethereum was the first among cryptocurrencies that allowed developers to use smart contracts and create desktop and mobile applications by using blockchain technologies. Since then, Ethereum has kept its first position in top promising crypto with a reliable team of fans and investors. Ethereum is considered even more stable than Bitcoin. As for the price of this cryptocurrency, it had increased by 40,000% from $11 five years ago and $4,400 now. The general market cap nowadays is about $520 billion.

3.  Binance Coin

Binance Coin is now a valuable cryptocurrency thanks to its demand in exchange, taking third place in our top. To tell the truth, the Binance exchange is the world`s fastest-growing exchange, and over the years, it has become even more robust and reliable. Binance Coin has risen from $0.10 in 2017 to $530 in 2021 – growing by 530,000% is a great indicator! The market cap is about $88 billion at the moment.

4.  Tether

Tether is considered one of the most stable coins today since it is provided by fiat currencies, like the euro and dollar. Generally, these currencies make Tether equal to both of them, and at the same time, more consistent compared to other cryptos. Besides, Tether is widely valued by its significant volatility, too. As for the market cap, it is now over $70 billion.

5.  Cardano

This cryptocurrency is well-known thanks to its feature to reduce the time of transactions and the use of energy resources. Same as Ethereum, Cardano provides smart contracts options with applications powered by ADA. It has risen by 10,000%, with an overall market cap of $66 billion.