What Is WELL?

WELL is a healthcare project the main goal of which is the efficient connection of patients and doctors, therapists, psychologists and many other specialists working in the given field all over the globe. The platform is aimed to represent the smartest solutions to the biggest healthcare problems the world face with. WELL can cope with all the surrounding cross-border payments as well as with the total data accessibility and any level of possible payment risks. The company guarantees the super high quality of the multiple healthcare providers in order to serve excellently all the time.

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How Does The WELL Work?

The platform is exceedingly promising. It plans to reach the point of $113 000 000 000 by 2025. The annual growth is expected to be about 18.3%. Everybody who wants to sign up for this project should register at >>> www.tele.joinwell.com. It is really great that the demo version is offered to the customers.

WELL is capable of using the diverse efficient mechanisms. The customers really enjoy the services they receive as the access to the platform is available all around the clock. The project itself is international, in addition, and there is the multiple choice of languages available. One of the most attractive speculation here is that the business model of the given project is low-cost and as a result, the significant reduction of price is possible (up to 30%).

Features of WELL

The main peculiarities of the given platform include the super comfy remote monitoring option and management. It means that the process of supervising and controlling IT systems is enhanced a lot. There are the diverse telemonitoring programs the main tasks of that are the ability to keep both the providers and patients connected securely to the timely information that is necessary for the exceeding quality level of care.

The customers can use the multiple web-based apps, videophones as well as the messaging devices, telephone calls etc. These and other devices are needed for the thorough tracking of the patient’s condition.

The patients get even get the e-prescribe. Moreover, the doctors can tell the details of discharge instructions in order to make the care outcomes much better, for instance.

One more cool feature here is that the doctors have the possibility to make the conference calls with any participants.

We should also add that we consider the 24-hour access to all your private health records to be a very beneficial option. The integration allows getting access to all the available labs, prescriptions, video and radiology files etc.

Token Sale Process of WELL

Token sale period is planned to start on February 25, 2018, (08:00 UTC) and it ends on May 15, 2018 (08:00 UTC).

Soft cap point is of $3 M.

Hard cap point is of – $28 M.

1 WELL Token is equal to $0.10 (USD)

Token Sale Of WELL



February 25, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PST – May 15, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PST

2018/02/25 08:00:01

WELL Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2015

  • Ildar, Founder, re-breaks his leg, WELL platform software design begins
  • Well, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware

Q2-Q3 2015

  • WELL platform is launched, first customers and revenue


  • Release of WELL platform on a limited trial


  • WELL receives Medicare License


  • WELL trademark is approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • WELL successfully sells out $3 Million in Private Pre-sale


  • White List Sale


  • WELL telehealth platform release

Q1-Q2 (FEB 25 - MAY 15)

  • Crowdsale


  • WELL telehealth platform deployed with self-insured employers and clinics in the US


  • WELL blockchain is released for testing in sandbox and bug testing bounty campaign
  • Release WELL blockchain platform for medical tourism, second opinion and charity


  • Partner with Government medical agency (example, Estonia’s healthcare system)
  • Launch of blockchain group buying plan. Work on WELL Health Savings Account in the US


  • WELL blockchain integrated with all major insurance providers in the US
  • WELL country partnerships formed for Japan, Korea, and China


  • Goal: 1 Million visits conducted on WELL blockchain per month
  • Continued worldwide integration with insurance and governmental healthcare systems

WELL Video

Team of the WELL

Ildar Fazulyanov Founder and CEO of Well ICO

Ildar Fazulyanov
Founder and CEO

Alex Prokhorov Co-founder and Chairman of Advisory Board of Well ICO

Alex Prokhorov
Co-founder and Chairman of Advisory Board

Dmitry Semenov Development Team Lead of Well ICO

Dmitry Semenov
Development Team Lead

Dr. Matthew Lefferman Clinical Director of Well ICO

Dr. Matthew Lefferman
Clinical Director

Josh Fonger Process Architect of Well ICO

Josh Fonger
Process Architect

Yetkin Timocin Developer of Well ICO

Yetkin Timocin

Istvan Csatari, PhD Designer of Well ICO

Istvan Csatari, PhD

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Token Distribution Of WELL:

  • Issued 40%
  • Team 20%
  • Reserves 40%


One of the main advantages is that the given project offers the real-time healthcare

management. The platform is really of the immense importance nowadays. It has become the indispensable assistant to the diverse scientific researchers. In addition, it helps a lot in reaching success at the charity missions all over the globe.