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What is TradeStation?

TradeStation is well-known to the numerous customers. It has gained the decent reputation. Those who are seeking for the exceeding professional trading experience will appreciate all the beneficial terms & conditions of this company. All the frequent customers have the ability to reach the TradeStation’s high-octane trading platform. All the best tools, research, data are available as well.

Quick Facts About TradeStation

TradeStation Minimum Deposit


TradeStation Commissions

$5 flat fee; $0.006-$0.01 per share based on trading activity


  • Well-designed trading platform;
  • Suitable for all the advanced stock traders;
  • Anyone who opens an account and starts the business with this company receives 20% on commissions;
  • Mobile-friendly app is available for all the customers.



  • Offers the better conditions for the regular customers and the rates are high then.


There is high enough broker’s requirement. It is up to $5,000 for those who want to become the regular brokers. The lower rate which is namely $30,000 is offered for those who want to get the access to a pattern day trading account, for instance.
It should be admitted here that the company is the owner of the most outstanding desktop platform. The thing is that the customers can get the direct-market access. Moreover, there is the automatic trade execution which is the very cozy option. This is not the end of the list of impressive things about TradeStation.

TradeStation Invest

The company offers the diverse tools for its customers. These tools allow to design, hold test-drives, control, monitor, regulate their own custom trading strategies that are targeted for stocks, options, futures. You should agree that the option of free test-drive before making any investments is extremely cool.
The company has also gained its popularity due to the super advanced, comprehensive research. TradeStation provides all the necessary educational resources for its customers and those can get access to data whenever they want.
The company developed three pricing plans. And this is truly great. The only drawback here is that the option of switching to another plan is not enabled. You can do it just for one time.


TradeStation is characterized by the god tax strategies, the commissions are affordable, the services at the high level and they are definitely worth trying out at once.

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