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The Golden Hen: World’s Most Expensive Chicken Breeds

Welcome to the captivating world of luxury poultry, where some of the most expensive chicken breeds are sought after for their exquisite taste, vibrant plumage, and unique qualities. The high price tags attached to these breeds make them a luxury item for many and a valuable asset for breeders and collectors.

  • The world of expensive chicken breeds is diverse and remarkable, with each breed holding its allure and justifying its high price tag.
  • From gourmet delicacies to ornamental rarities, there are many reasons why these breeds are highly valued by poultry connoisseurs.
  • Whether you’re a backyard chicken keeper or a professional breeder, these breeds offer a glimpse into the fascinating and exclusive world of luxury poultry.
  • Join us as we explore the world’s most expensive chicken breeds, uncovering their unique qualities, and understanding why they command such a high price among enthusiasts.
  • So, get ready to discover the golden hen, the world’s most expensive chicken breeds, and delve into this remarkable world of luxury poultry.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world of luxury poultry offers some of the most expensive chicken breeds.
  • Each breed holds its allure and justifies its high price tag.
  • From gourmet delicacies to ornamental rarities, these breeds are highly valued by poultry connoisseurs.
  • The high price tags attached to these breeds make them a luxury item for many and a valuable asset for breeders and collectors.
  • The world of expensive chicken breeds offers a glimpse into the fascinating and exclusive world of luxury poultry.

The Bresse Chicken: A Gourmet Delicacy

When it comes to gourmet poultry, the Bresse chicken is a cut above the rest. This breed is highly regarded for its exceptional taste and texture, making it a true delicacy for food enthusiasts.

What sets the Bresse chicken apart from other breeds is its unique upbringing. The bird is raised exclusively in a small region of France, where it is given the freedom to roam and forage in open fields. The chicken’s diet consists of a blend of wheat, corn, and other grains, along with fresh grass and insects. This combination of natural food sources helps to produce a tender, flavorful meat that is highly sought after by connoisseurs.

Another factor that contributes to the Bresse chicken’s exclusivity is the strict breeding regulations in place. The bird must meet certain criteria in terms of size, weight, and color, and can only be raised in designated areas. This attention to detail ensures that each chicken produced meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

If you’re looking to experience the ultimate in gourmet poultry, the Bresse chicken is a must-try. Its unique upbringing and exceptional flavor make it a true delicacy and a testament to the art of fine dining.

Ayam Cemani: The Allure of Darkness

The Ayam Cemani, a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia, is known for its captivating all-black appearance, earning it the nickname “The Lamborghini of Poultry.” The breed’s black feathers, skin, and even internal organs are caused by a genetic condition known as fibromelanosis, which results in hyperpigmentation.

The Ayam Cemani’s unique appearance has made it highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts and breeders worldwide. Despite its high price tag, which can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per chicken, the breed’s popularity continues to grow.

In addition to their striking appearance, Ayam Cemani chickens are known for their hardiness and adaptability, making them ideal for backyard flocks. They are also considered a symbol of prosperity in Indonesian culture and are often used in traditional ceremonies and rituals.

“The Ayam Cemani is not just a chicken, it’s a work of art,” says poultry breeder and Ayam Cemani enthusiast, John Sambuco. “Their beauty and unique genetic traits make them a valuable addition to any flock, and their rarity only adds to their allure.”

While the Ayam Cemani may be one of the most expensive chicken breeds, its mystique and exclusivity continue to captivate poultry enthusiasts around the world.

The Yokohama Chicken: An Elegant Ornamental Breed

The Yokohama chicken is a breed highly regarded for its ornamental qualities. This stunningly beautiful breed is often recognized for its long flowing tail feathers and upright posture.

Originally from Japan, the Yokohama was brought to Europe in the mid-19th century and quickly became a favorite among chicken enthusiasts. This rare breed is known for its gentle nature and exquisite appearance, making it a cherished addition to any flock.

Yokohamas are available in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue, and white. The breed has a small comb, which makes it less susceptible to frostbite during colder months. Their feathers are long, silky, and glossy, adding to their elegant demeanor.

While the Yokohama is primarily an ornamental breed, they are known to lay small to medium-sized eggs. However, their egg-laying abilities are not their main attraction. Instead, their unique and stunning appearance is what captures the attention of poultry enthusiasts.

Egg Production50-100 small to medium-sized eggs per year
TemperamentFriendly and docile
Color VarietiesBlack, red, blue, and white

Yokohama chickens are relatively rare and are often sought after by collectors and breeders. Due to their unique qualities and scarcity, they typically command a higher price compared to other breeds. However, for those seeking an ornamental and elegant addition to their flock, the Yokohama is certainly worth the investment.

The Serama Chicken: Petite and Precious

When it comes to the smallest chicken breeds, the Serama chicken takes the spotlight. This breed, originating from Malaysia, has captivated enthusiasts around the world with its dainty size and charming personality. Serama chickens are so petite that they can comfortably fit in the palm of one’s hand, making them a popular choice for those seeking a compact and manageable pet.

Despite their diminutive size, Serama chickens pack a big personality. They are known for their curious and friendly nature, making them an endearing addition to any flock. Due to their small size, they are also an excellent choice for those living in urban areas or with limited space.

However, the appeal of the Serama chicken goes beyond its petite size and personality. This breed also boasts an intricate feather pattern, with a wide range of colors and patterns available. Serama chickens can have feathers that are black, white, golden, or a combination of these colors, with variations in feather length and texture.

For those seeking an ornamental breed, Serama chickens are an excellent option. They are often showcased at poultry shows and competitions, where their unique appearance and compact size are highly valued. However, with their high demand and limited availability, Serama chickens can come with a hefty price tag, making them a luxury choice for poultry enthusiasts.

But for those willing to invest in this precious breed, the rewards can be significant. Serama chickens are not only a charming and delightful pet but also a fascinating addition to any flock. Their petite size and ornamental features make them a highly sought-after breed, perfect for those seeking a luxury poultry experience.

The Sussex Chicken: Heritage and Utility Combined

The Sussex chicken is a beloved heritage breed that has been around for nearly two hundred years. Its popularity was cemented due to its reliability and egg-laying capabilities, which made it a prized addition to many American homesteads in the late 19th century. Today, the Sussex chicken continues to be a cherished breed for backyard chicken keepers, as well as for enthusiasts who appreciate its rich history and usefulness.

Due to its long tenure in the poultry world, the Sussex chicken has undergone various breeding programs over the years, resulting in several distinct varieties. Some of the most recognized include the Speckled Sussex, Red Sussex, and Light Sussex. Each variety displays unique characteristics in terms of size, color, and personality, but all maintain the excellent egg-laying abilities and friendly disposition that the breed is best known for.

In addition to being a practical breed, the Sussex chicken is also highly ornamental, with its distinctive feather patterns and attractive appearance. It has earned a reputation as a “dual-purpose” bird, meaning that it can serve both as a source of eggs and meat production, as well as a delightful addition to any backyard flock.

The Sussex chicken’s popularity as a heritage breed can be attributed to the many desirable characteristics it possesses, among them a placid nature that makes it easy to handle and care for. It is also a very resilient breed, withstanding different environmental conditions and climate changes with ease. All of these factors contribute to its high value and status as a heritage breed.

The Icelandic Chicken: Resilience in a Cold Climate

The Icelandic chicken is a rare and unique breed known for its ability to thrive in harsh and cold climates. This cold-hardy breed is highly sought after by backyard chicken keepers in regions with cold winters, as it can endure temperatures as low as -40°C.

One of the most striking features of the Icelandic chicken is its beautiful and eye-catching feather patterns, which come in a range of colors and combinations. This breed’s genetic diversity allows it to have a wide variety of colors and feather patterns, making each individual chicken unique.

The Icelandic chicken is also known for being an excellent forager, able to find food and survive on its own in the wild. This trait is particularly useful for those who want to raise chickens without relying on commercial feeds, as the Icelandic chicken can easily adapt to a free-range lifestyle.

While the Icelandic chicken may not be as popular as some of the other luxury breeds on the list, its resilience and adaptability make it a valuable addition to any flock. With its stunning feather patterns and unique characteristics, the Icelandic chicken is sure to delight poultry enthusiasts looking for a cold-hardy breed.

The Marans Chicken: Dark Beauties of the Poultry World

The Marans chicken, originating in France, is a breed of chicken that is known for its stunning feather patterns and, notably, its dark-colored eggs. These eggs range in color from deep chocolate brown to almost black, making them a highly sought-after delicacy among egg enthusiasts.

The Marans chicken has a distinctive copper, bronze, and black plumage that adds to its allure. The bird’s coloring is so striking that it has garnered attention among poultry enthusiasts for centuries. The breed is medium in size, weighing between five and seven pounds, with an upright tail and strong legs.

One of the reasons for the Marans chicken’s high price is its rarity. The breed was almost extinct during World War II, and it took years of careful breeding to restore the population. In addition to their rarity, Marans chickens are known to be good layers, producing around 150 to 200 eggs a year, making them an economically viable bird for backyard chicken keepers.

Another reason for the Marans chicken’s high price is the demand for their eggs. The dark-colored eggs have a unique taste that is rich and flavorful, making them a chef’s delight. Marans chicken eggs are often used in gourmet dishes and highly prized by chefs and food enthusiasts around the world.

The Marans chicken is a hardy breed that can tolerate a variety of climates, making them a popular choice for backyard chicken flocks. They are mild-mannered birds that have a gentle and friendly temperament, making them an ideal choice for families with children.

In conclusion, the Marans chicken is a unique and sought-after breed that offers both ornamental appeal and practicality. Their stunning appearance, dark-colored eggs, and friendly demeanor make them a favorite among poultry enthusiasts and backyard chicken keepers alike.

The Sultan Chicken: Majestic and Rare

The Sultan chicken is a remarkable breed that is highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts for its ornamental qualities. Adorned with unique feather crests and vibrant plumage, this regal bird is a true showstopper. Its origins can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire, where it was regarded as a symbol of wealth and prestige.

Today, the Sultan chicken is a rare breed that is highly valued by poultry connoisseurs. Its delicate appearance belies its hardiness, and it is known to be a resilient bird that can adapt to a wide range of environments. It is a relatively small breed, weighing around 4-5 pounds, and is known for its peaceful temperament. Its small size makes it an ideal choice for backyard chicken keepers with limited space.

The Sultan chicken’s feather crests are perhaps its most distinctive feature. They resemble a crown and are made up of long, thin feathers that radiate outwards from the bird’s head. The rest of the bird’s plumage is also striking, with a range of colors including white, black, blue, and lavender.

Despite its ornamental qualities, the Sultan chicken is also known to be a good layer. It typically lays small white eggs and can produce up to 120 eggs per year. Its eggs are highly valued by egg enthusiasts due to their delicate flavor and creamy texture.

Due to their rarity and ornamental qualities, Sultan chickens can be expensive to purchase. However, for those seeking a unique and regal addition to their flock, the Sultan chicken is an excellent choice.


The world of expensive chicken breeds is a fascinating one, offering something for everyone seeking luxury poultry experiences. From gourmet delicacies like the Bresse chicken to ornamental rarities like the Sultan chicken, each breed holds a unique allure.

For those seeking exceptional taste and texture, the Bresse chicken is an excellent choice, featuring strict breeding regulations that contribute to its exclusivity and premium quality. The Ayam Cemani, on the other hand, is revered for its all-black appearance, cultural significance, and unique genetic traits that make it one of the most expensive chickens in the world.

The Yokohama chicken is a rare Japanese breed cherished for its striking appearance and elegant demeanor, while the Serama chicken offers a dainty size and endearing personality that make it a favorite among chicken enthusiasts and luxury pet owners.

The Sussex chicken is a dual-purpose heritage breed that appeals to both breeders and backyard chicken keepers, while the Icelandic chicken is renowned for its resilience in harsh climates and striking feather patterns. Lastly, the Marans chicken is celebrated for its stunning feather patterns and notably dark-colored eggs, making it a favorite among breeders and egg enthusiasts.

Overall, expensive chicken breeds offer a diverse and remarkable world of poultry, each with its own unique characteristics and all justifying their high price tags for those seeking luxury poultry experiences.


Q: What are the most expensive chicken breeds?

A: The most expensive chicken breeds include the Bresse Chicken, Ayam Cemani, Yokohama Chicken, Serama Chicken, Sussex Chicken, Icelandic Chicken, Marans Chicken, and Sultan Chicken.

Q: Why are these chicken breeds considered expensive?

A: These chicken breeds are considered expensive due to their exclusivity, unique genetic traits, cultural significance, striking appearances, exceptional taste, and rare feather patterns.

Q: Are these expensive chicken breeds suitable for backyard chicken keeping?

A: Some of these expensive chicken breeds, such as the Sussex Chicken and Icelandic Chicken, are suitable for backyard chicken keeping due to their practicality, resilience, and cold-hardy nature. However, others, like the Bresse Chicken and Ayam Cemani, are more sought after for their gourmet delicacy and ornamental value.

Q: Can I purchase these expensive chicken breeds online?

A: Yes, some breeders and farms offer these expensive chicken breeds for sale online. However, due to their rarity and high demand, availability may be limited, and potential buyers are advised to do thorough research and ensure they are purchasing from reputable sources.

Q: What is the average price range for these expensive chicken breeds?

A: The average price range for these expensive chicken breeds can vary significantly depending on factors such as breed purity, age, quality, and availability. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per bird.

Q: Are these expensive chicken breeds suitable for meat production?

A: While some of these expensive chicken breeds, like the Bresse Chicken, are known for their exceptional taste and are specifically bred for meat production, others, such as the Ayam Cemani and Serama Chicken, are more valued for their ornamental qualities and are not typically raised for meat.

Q: Do these expensive chicken breeds require special care or maintenance?

A: These expensive chicken breeds generally require the same basic care and maintenance as other chicken breeds. However, some, like the Ayam Cemani and Icelandic Chicken, may have specific dietary needs or require additional protection in colder climates.

Q: Can I show these expensive chicken breeds in poultry exhibitions or competitions?

A: Yes, many of these expensive chicken breeds are highly regarded in poultry exhibitions and competitions. They often stand out due to their rare features, striking appearances, and unique qualities, making them popular choices among show chicken enthusiasts.

Q: Are these expensive chicken breeds suitable for beginners in chicken keeping?

A: While some of these expensive chicken breeds, such as the Serama Chicken and Sultan Chicken, are known for their smaller size and manageable nature, others may require more experience and specialized knowledge to properly care for. It is advisable for beginners to start with more beginner-friendly breeds before considering these luxury poultry options.

Q: Are there any health or breeding considerations specific to these expensive chicken breeds?

A: Some of these expensive chicken breeds, like the Ayam Cemani, may have specific breeding considerations due to their unique genetic traits. It is important to research and understand these considerations before embarking on breeding projects with these breeds. Additionally, regular health care practices, such as vaccinations and parasite prevention, are essential for maintaining the well-being of any chicken breed.