What Is Streamity ICO?

This Streamity ICO review represents a new project, designed to solve the most frequent issues with cryptocurrency ownership, transfers, and exchange. It is designed to work as a safe and reliable crypto exchange with a wide selection of various financial services, offering innumerable benefits for investors and interested users of STREAMITY service.

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How Does The Streamity ICO Work?

StreamDesk is represented as a powerful tool, providing a secure and safe exchange of cryptocurrency into the fiat money or the mutual exchange of one crypto into the other. Working under the smart contract, each transaction is securely performed without any third parties. Cryptocurrency rate will be always connected with the “Market” section.  It means that all the information concerning the major stock exchanges will be gathered as well as the value of cryptocurrencies and the capitalization of companies will be displayed. Everything is transparent. Users will be able to see the exact price of the fee which will be represented beforehand.

What Are the Benefits Of StreamDesk?

  • Provides a fair exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies as well as mutual exchange of cryptocurrencies under smart contracts
  • No third parties
  • Ensures security and safety
  • Streamity fee is only 2%
  • Truly fair exchange between individuals
  • Different packages of bonuses offered by different prices during the Pre-ICO and the ICO periods

What Are the Benefits For Investors?

With a rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, people are provided with innumerable possibilities concerned the financial sector. All the Streamity ICO investors will receive a great benefit from STM (Streamity) token. They are able to get a great profit from selling STM tokens on the secondary market with minimal risks of their own investment portfolios. Moreover, Streamity offers discounts on buying tokens at the early stage of their development. These bonuses will be active during the Pre-ICO and ICO terms. During the Pre-ICO period, the discount for buying STM tokens will be 30%. During the ICO term (which will be active in a few days) the discount will be divided into the 2 phases. Each phase predicts a definite amount of bonuses for early investors. So, early ICO investors, who’ll contribute on the first day of the first phase, will receive a 20% discount. From the second day until the end of the 1st phase the discount for purchasing STM tokens will be 15 %. From the end of the 1st phase until the end of the second phase the bonus program for buying discount tokens will be 10%. If the investor buys at least 1,250 STM during the Pre-ICO or ICO terms, he’ll get a “Platinum” package, which allows exchanging tokens with only o, 5 % commission on the STREAMDESK platform. Investing 7,500 STM during the PRE-ICO or the ICO periods you’ll get a “Brilliant” package. If you decide to invest 25,000 STM you’ll be provided with “Unlimited” package.
For investors, who want to successfully contribute in the crypto world it is highly important to know all the information, which concerns cryptocurrency purchase, its price and value in the market, general information of smart contract and blockchain as well as all the important details of cryptocurrency quotations during a trading session.
Streamity offers a great investment tool which means news and analysis section of the website. It represents a source of useful information, necessary for successful investment in cryptocurrency. You do not need to surf various sites, searching for a suitable investment project. Streamity includes all the information you need to select the required investment project: previous and upcoming ICOs with professional recommendations of experts, bonuses, experts’ forecasts, hot news of the main information resources and more.
  • Streamity Token (STM)
    Token name: STM -all the services inside the Streamity platform are run with STM tokens
    Total number of tokens: 186,000,000 tokens
    The principle of token distribution depends on the number of tokens contributed by the investors during the ICO process.
  • ICO parameters:
    Hard cap on PRE ICO: 2.8 million USD
    The volume of PRE ICO sale: 20,000,000 STM tokens
    The volume of ICO sale: 110,200,000 STM tokens

Features of Streamity ICO

Today everyone can observe a rapid growth of various cryptocurrencies. They are tradable and exchangeable. Cryptocurrencies can solve a row of problems, which cannot be issued with the fiat money. Providing its users with a number of services and real possibilities to earn money, cryptocurrencies are highly appreciated all over the globe.
Sad is the fact that significant cryptocurrency turnover cannot provide a fair entrance to the cryptocurrency market without a fixed percentage of commission. Most of the existing crypto exchanges are centralized, what means that banks have a legal right to maintain users’ money as well as cryptocurrencies in their own accounts. Those cryptocurrency exchanges which are centralized have become sensitive to hackers, taking under risk hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars.
It is almost impossible to create an exchange service with low commission. It predicts a great risk.
Streamity is a platform which solves all the problems mentioned above, taking users’ interests in the foreground. It provides necessary exchange services at a low commission. Everything looks great: smart contract provides a P2P service for cryptocurrency and fiat money exchange, ensuring the security of all the transactions as well as safety and transparency of financial operations.

Streamity differs from its competitors by a number of visible features:

  • Fair price of the transaction
  • Verification of users and smart contract work (ensures security and safety of the cryptocurrency exchange process)
  • Great opportunities and perspectives for cryptocurrency investments
  • Has all the perspectives for its further growth

Token Pre-Sale Of Streamity ICO



Jan. 22, 2018 – Jan. 28, 2018

Token Sale Of Streamity ICO



March 12, 2018 – March 25, 2018

2018/03/25 09:59:57

Streamity ICO Roadmap

May 2017

Creation of the idea of Streamity project

August 2017

The prototype of StreamDesk finished
Backend and user’s account


Start of ICO


Launch of StreamDesk and of the marketing campaign


Launch of the education and information «Streamity» resource


Launch of cryptocurrencies converter


Launch of Streamity mobile version (IOS/Android)


Launch of «Streamity» investment resource

Streamity ICO Video

Team of the Streamity ICO

Vladislav Kuznetsov
Dmitry Martianov cto co founder of streamity ico
Dmitry Martianov
Oles Sribny head of investment of streamity ico
Oles Sribny
Maksim Smirnov software engineer of streamity ico
Maksim Smirnov
Sergey Bevzenko back end developer of streamity ico
Sergey Bevzenko
Egor Ohterov software engineer of streamity ico
Egor Okhterov
Pavel Bolgarskih blockchain developer of streamity ico
Pavel Bolgarskih
Maksim Yarushin business development of streamity ico
Maxim Yarushin
Olga Prosalova marketing and community of streamity ico
Olga Prosalova
Sergey Kolomiec online coach and investment of streamity ico
Sergey Kolomiec

Streamity ICO Links

The Bounty Campaign of Streamity ICO

Streamity ICO Distribution of funds:

  • Product development 40%
  • MiscMarketing 25%
  • Reserve capital 25%
  • Audit and finance 10%

Token Distribution Of Streamity ICO:

  • The participants of Token Sale 70%
  • Streamity team 25%
  • The rewards program 3%
  • The advisors and partners 2%


Dapp StreamDesk is a great solution to all existing problems of various financial issues. It’s a service, designed to provide comfortable, fair and secure financial operations. This project is designed to satisfy the needs of all the users, providing an instantaneous mutual exchange of cryptocurrencies as well as exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money. It supports mostly all the cryptocurrencies which exist in the market. Streamity is designed to ensure a really fair, safe and reliable exchange between individuals. Having a great project plan for its further development, Streamity is believed to change our world for better.