What Is Sigil Coin (SGL)?

Let’s start with the fact that Sigil has already become one of the most revolutionary cryptocurrencies nowadays despite being relatively new in the market. It has also gained the trust of the investors all over the world as the platform offers the highest level of both security and efficiency. They are gained due to the super effective implementation of the most advanced checkpointing process and retargeting all around. Furthermore, Sigil Coin has the wide range of impressive features that include Proof of Work and Proof of Stake mining. The project works with the huge number of excellently working algorithms.

Features of Sigil Coin (SGL)

You should pay attention to the fact that e, 50,000,000 coins only can be produced during the coin’s lifetime. And it is very beneficial that every block found offers the customers 25 Sigil. In addition, the transaction fees fascinate everybody being low.

The platform is built with the usage of three hashing algorithms. They are the following: Blake2s, Neoscrypt, and SHA-256d algorithms. The PoW and PoS systems are used in this project as well.

Regarding the security system here, there is the innovative system of the advanced checkpointing. This allows the platform to be super steady against the diverse hacking attacks. In addition, the special attention has been paid to the protection of merchants from any transaction reversals, As a result, all the miners here should not bother about the losing the newly minted coins.

How Does Sigil Coin Work?

The team of professionals is working on creating the crowdfunding technology of tomorrow. It should be done via the blockchain. The main aim is to guarantee even more transparent and reliable crowdfunding platform that should not impose fees. And the Sigil will be there for successful funding. It is supposed that every involved party will get a lot of benefits. This means that the users can keep a sufficient amount of any desired funds that are raised by them. Then any transaction that is assumed especially for them will be provided via blockchain.

Sigil Wallets

windows solaris wallet


linux 64 solaris wallet




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Roadmap of Sigil Coin

Q1 2018

The own funds of the team members will be used for covering of exchange listing fees.

Q2 2018

Peer to peer crowdfunding will take place then

Both iOS and Android wallet realization

Q3 2018

There will be the automatic swaps that are aimed to enable Sigil to be exchanged for the desired cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

Q4 2018

Lightning Network will be released. It is indispensable at transmitting the instant transactions offering the most lower rates ever.

Sigil Coin (SGL) in Numbers

The Thorough Distribution of the Premine Allocation

  • Marketing
  • Developers / Founders
  • Bounty Program
  • Research / Development
  • Legal


It is definitely worth paying attention to the given platform as it will prosper taking into consideration that it is aimed to represent the most secure product that every consumer can use extremely easily. Moreover, there is the super sturdy development process and the exceeding transparency. It is obvious that the Sigil company is going to become and stay for a while one of the most prominent leaders in the field of the decentralized crowdfunding market.