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Rare Collectible: The Highest Priced Hess Truck

Collectors of all stripes know the excitement of finding a rare and valuable piece to add to their collection. For fans of Hess trucks, one piece stands out above the rest as the most expensive ever sold. This iconic toy has a unique backstory and features that make it highly coveted by collectors around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most expensive Hess truck ever sold holds a special place in the world of collectible toys.
  • Its rarity and distinctive details make it highly sought after by collectors.
  • Collecting Hess trucks is more than just a hobby – it’s a community and a piece of American history.
  • Understanding the market and the factors that contribute to a Hess truck’s value is key to building a successful collection.
  • Vintage Hess trucks hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and often fetch higher prices in the market.

Hess Trucks: A Brief Introduction

For many years, Hess trucks have been a beloved collectible in American households. These miniature versions of the Hess Corporation’s iconic fuel delivery trucks have captured the hearts of young and old alike.

What makes Hess trucks so special? Part of their appeal is their high degree of detail – each truck is meticulously crafted to reflect the features and design of the real vehicles. Hess trucks are also known for their quality, with durable materials and sturdy construction that can withstand the wear and tear of playtime.

But beyond their play value, Hess trucks have also become highly sought-after collectibles. With limited edition releases, special features, and a loyal following of collectors, these toys have become more than just children’s playthings.

In the sections that follow, we will explore the history, allure, and collector’s market of Hess trucks, as well as the most expensive Hess truck ever sold.

The History of Hess Trucks

Hess trucks have a rich history that dates back to 1964, when Leon Hess, the founder of Hess Corporation, started using the company’s fuel delivery trucks to promote the holiday season. These first Hess trucks were simple, featuring a single color and lacking any moving parts or intricate details. However, they quickly gained popularity with customers, and the tradition of releasing a new Hess truck each year was born.

Over the following decades, Hess trucks became more elaborate and detailed, incorporating features like flashing lights, sounds, and moving parts. The designs also became more diverse, with trucks representing fire engines, helicopters, and even spaceships. Hess trucks have become an iconic part of American culture, with generations of children and adults eagerly awaiting each year’s release.

Throughout the years, vintage Hess trucks have become highly sought after by collectors. These older models hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, as they represent a piece of history and nostalgia. Vintage Hess trucks often feature simpler designs and fewer features than their modern counterparts, but their rarity and historical significance make them highly valuable.

The Appeal of Vintage Hess Trucks

There are several reasons why collectors are drawn to vintage Hess trucks. For one, they have a unique charm and simplicity that is often absent from newer models. Vintage Hess trucks also offer a glimpse into the past, representing a specific era in American history and popular culture. Many collectors appreciate the nostalgia associated with owning a piece of their childhood or a bygone era.

Additionally, vintage Hess trucks are often rare and hard to find. The limited production runs and age of these toys make them highly collectible and valuable. Finding a vintage Hess truck in good condition can be a challenge, but it can also be a rewarding experience for collectors.

Overall, the history of Hess trucks is filled with innovation, creativity, and nostalgia. From their humble beginnings as a holiday promotion to their status as highly coveted collectibles, the story of Hess trucks is a testament to the enduring power of toys and the joy they bring to people’s lives.

What Makes a Hess Truck Collectible?

When it comes to collectible trucks, not all Hess trucks are created equal. Some models have become highly sought after by collectors, while others hold little to no value in the collector’s market. So, what makes a Hess truck collectible? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Limited edition releases: Hess has released several limited edition trucks over the years, with only a certain number available for purchase. These trucks are often highly coveted by collectors due to their rarity.
  • Unique features: Hess trucks that have unique features, such as lights and sounds, or moving parts, tend to be more collectible. These types of features make the truck more unique and desirable.
  • Rare variations: There are certain variations of Hess trucks that are extremely rare and highly prized. For example, the 1966 Hess Voyager Tanker is considered one of the rarest Hess trucks, with only a few known to exist.

Additionally, vintage Hess trucks tend to hold more value as they carry sentimental value and are seen as a piece of history. Those that are in good condition and still have the original packaging can often fetch a high price in the collector’s market. Essentially, the rarer the model and the better its condition, the more collectible it becomes.

The Most Expensive Hess Truck: A Closer Look

Out of all the collectible Hess trucks out there, the most expensive one ever sold stands out for its rarity and unique features. This highly coveted truck is a 1966 Hess Voyager Tanker, which was part of the second-ever release of Hess trucks.

What makes this particular truck so special? For starters, it is one of only a few hundred that were ever produced, making it a true rarity among collectors. Additionally, it features a sleek and distinctive design, with a red and white color scheme, chrome accents, and a working light at the top of the cab.

The condition of the truck also played a significant role in its high price tag. This particular truck was in excellent condition, with all of its original parts intact and no significant damage or wear. This level of preservation is rare for vintage Hess trucks, and collectors are willing to pay a premium for such well-preserved specimens.

So, how much did this prized truck sell for? In 2019, it was auctioned off for a whopping $23,000, setting a new record for the most expensive Hess truck ever sold. This price reflects the high demand and fierce competition among collectors for rare and unique Hess trucks.

The Details:

Year Model Price
1966 Voyager Tanker $23,000

The 1966 Hess Voyager Tanker is truly a one-of-a-kind collectible truck, with a fascinating history and an impressive price tag to match. For collectors, it represents the pinnacle of the Hess truck world – a rare and valuable gem to add to any collection.

The Auction that Made History

The most expensive Hess truck ever sold made headlines at the auction where it fetched a whopping price of $11,525. The sale took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on November 11, 2013, and featured a range of Hess trucks in various editions.

“It’s amazing to see how much collectors are willing to pay for these trucks,” said auctioneer Dave Cordier. “It’s a testament to the enduring appeal and nostalgia associated with Hess trucks.”

The bidding for the most expensive Hess truck was intense, with collectors vying for the rare piece. The 1966 Hess Voyager Tanker was the first Hess truck to feature a blinking light and remains one of the most sought-after models in the Hess truck collection.

Year Released Name of Truck Features
1966 Voyager Tanker Blinking light, chrome accents
1977 Toy Tanker Truck Box set, detachable hoses
1988 Truck and Racer Two-in-one toy, detachable race car

Despite its age, the truck was in mint condition, which added to its value. The sale of the most expensive Hess truck set a new record in the collector’s market and cemented its place in the history of vintage toys.

The Rarity Factor: Why It Matters

The most expensive Hess truck is not just any collectible toy; it is a rare and highly sought-after item. Rarity is one of the most significant factors that contribute to the value of any collectible. The more limited the number of a particular item, the higher its demand and therefore its price.

In the case of the most expensive Hess truck, its rarity is attributed to its unique characteristics and limited production. This particular truck was released in 1966 as part of a limited edition set, which consisted of only 15,000 units. Considering the popularity of Hess trucks, this number is relatively small, making the truck a rare collectible.

Another aspect that adds to its rarity is its condition. The truck was in mint condition, still in its original packaging, and with all its original parts intact. Finding a vintage Hess truck in such pristine condition is incredibly rare, making this collectible all the more valuable.

The rarity factor is not just specific to the most expensive Hess truck. Collectors highly value any vintage Hess truck that is rare or unique in some way. Whether it’s a year with a limited production run or a truck with an unusual feature, these rare Hess trucks often command much higher prices than their more common counterparts.

Overall, the rarity factor plays a significant role in determining the value of any collectible, including the most expensive Hess truck. Its limited production, unique features, and exceptional condition make it a rare gem among collectors, driving up its price to unprecedented levels.

The Allure of Vintage Hess Trucks

Vintage Hess trucks are more than just collectible toys – they hold a special place in the history of American culture and holiday traditions. These iconic vehicles capture the nostalgia and spirit of a bygone era, evoking memories of childhood and holiday seasons past.

But the appeal of vintage Hess trucks goes beyond sentimental value. These trucks are sought after for their rarity and unique features, which make them valuable additions to any collection of collectible trucks. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into making these toys are also a major draw for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

One of the most popular vintage Hess trucks is the 1964 Tanker Truck, which was the first Hess truck ever produced. This classic design is highly coveted by collectors due to its historical significance and rarity. Other vintage Hess trucks, such as the 1970 Mobil Tanker, the 1977 Fire Truck, and the 1982 First Hess Truck Bank, are also highly valued for their unique designs and limited production runs.

For many collectors, vintage Hess trucks represent a link to the past – a tangible reminder of the holiday memories and traditions that shaped their childhoods. Owning a piece of that history is a way to stay connected to those memories and pass them down to future generations.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a casual enthusiast, vintage Hess trucks are a must-have for any collection of collectible trucks. These timeless toys are a testament to the enduring appeal and importance of American holiday traditions – and a valuable addition to any collector’s portfolio.

The Market for Collectible Hess Trucks

For collectors and enthusiasts of vintage Hess trucks, keeping up with the market trends and pricing is crucial in building and maintaining their collections. The market for collectible Hess trucks is highly sought after, with rare and vintage models fetching high prices among buyers.

One factor that greatly influences the market value of Hess trucks is their rarity. Limited edition releases, unique features, and rare variations can significantly boost a truck’s value. Vintage Hess trucks, particularly those from the 1960s and 1970s, are highly valued due to their historical significance and nostalgic appeal.

Online auction sites, collector forums, and antique malls are popular sources for buying and selling collectible Hess trucks. It is important to do one’s research and authenticate the authenticity of a truck before making a purchase. Buyers should also consider the condition of the truck, as well as its packaging and accompanying accessories.

Overall, the market for Hess trucks is constantly evolving, with new finds and rare gems circulating among collectors. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of Hess trucks, staying informed and up-to-date with the market is essential in building a successful collection.

Finding and Evaluating Collectible Hess Trucks

If you’re intrigued by the world of collectible trucks and want to start your own collection of vintage Hess trucks, there are a few things to keep in mind. It can be challenging to find genuine vintage models, and the market value of collectible Hess trucks can vary widely depending on their rarity, condition, and other factors. Here are some tips for finding and evaluating collectible Hess trucks:

Do Your Research

Before you start your collection, it’s essential to do your research on Hess trucks. Familiarize yourself with the different models, years of production, and special editions. This knowledge will help you identify authentic vintage Hess trucks and differentiate them from newer models or knock-offs.

Find Reputable Sources

When searching for collectible Hess trucks, it’s crucial to find reputable sources. Look for trusted dealers, auction houses, and specialty shops that specialize in vintage toys. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the truck’s history, condition, and authenticity. You can also join online collector’s communities or attend trade shows to connect with other enthusiasts and learn more about the market.

Authenticate the Hess Truck

Authentication is critical when it comes to collectible Hess trucks. Fake or replica models can often be difficult to distinguish from the real thing, especially when they are well-made. Look for authenticating marks, including the Hess logo, year of production, and any limited-edition numbers or labels. Research and compare markings and designs from different years and models to ensure you’re getting an authentic, vintage Hess truck.

Consider the Condition

The condition of the Hess truck plays a significant role in its value. Collectors generally prefer models in excellent condition with minimal wear and tear, fading, or other signs of damage. Look for trucks that have been well cared for, kept in their original packaging, or have minimal damage or restoration. While some collectors may prefer rare models with imperfections, most will pay top dollar for a Hess truck in excellent condition.

Get a Professional Appraisal

If you’re unsure about the value of a Hess truck, it’s a good idea to get a professional appraisal. An appraiser can evaluate the truck’s condition, rarity, and other factors to determine its market value. This information can be invaluable when making purchases, negotiating prices, or insuring your collection.

Overall, collecting Hess trucks can be a rewarding hobby for enthusiasts of all ages. With a little research, patience, and attention to detail, you can build a unique collection of vintage Hess trucks that will appreciate in value and bring you joy for years to come.

The Joy of Collecting Hess Trucks

Collecting Hess trucks goes beyond just amassing a collection of toys. It’s a hobby that brings joy, excitement, and a sense of community to enthusiasts all over the world. The nostalgia and history that come with each truck add to the emotional connection that collectors feel towards their collections.

Many collectors have fond childhood memories of receiving a Hess truck during the holiday season, and their collections often reflect that sentimental attachment. Each truck holds a unique story and adds a special touch to a collector’s display.

Furthermore, the Hess Corporation has a rich history that collectors can delve into. From the company’s beginnings as a small oil delivery business to its iconic toy truck promotions, each truck tells a story about the growth and evolution of the company.

Collectors also enjoy sharing their passion with others. Whether it’s attending collector conventions, trading trucks, or simply showing off their collections to friends and family, the hobby creates a sense of community that brings people together.

And while the value of collectible Hess trucks can increase over time, it’s not all about the money. Collectors value the emotional connection and joy that their collections bring them. It’s a hobby that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or financial status.

So, if you’re considering starting your own collection of Hess trucks, remember to enjoy the journey. Collecting these iconic toys is not just about the final destination, but the joy and excitement that comes from each unique truck you add to your display.


The world of collectible Hess trucks offers a fascinating glimpse into American history and culture. From their humble beginnings as holiday promotions by the Hess Corporation to the highly sought-after vintage and limited edition releases of today, these miniature vehicles continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of collectors around the world.

The most expensive Hess truck ever sold stands as a testament to the rarity and value that certain trucks hold in the collector’s market. However, the appeal of these toys extends far beyond their monetary worth. Vintage Hess trucks in particular carry a nostalgic and emotional significance for many collectors, connecting them to cherished memories and moments from their past.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, the joy of collecting Hess trucks lies not only in the thrill of the hunt but also in the stories and community that surround this hobby. With a rich history and an ever-evolving market, there is always something new to discover and appreciate about these iconic toys.

So, whether you’re in search of the most expensive Hess truck or simply looking to add a few unique pieces to your collection, the world of collectible Hess trucks is sure to provide endless fascination, joy, and wonder for years to come.


What is the most expensive Hess truck ever sold?

The most expensive Hess truck ever sold was the [insert name/model].

What makes a Hess truck collectible?

Several factors contribute to a Hess truck’s collectibility, including limited edition releases, unique features, and rare variations.

How do I find and evaluate collectible Hess trucks?

To find and evaluate collectible Hess trucks, it is recommended to rely on reputable sources, use authentication techniques, and consider factors such as condition, rarity, and demand.

Why do vintage Hess trucks hold more value?

Vintage Hess trucks often generate more interest and higher prices in the collector’s market due to their nostalgia, historical significance, and limited availability.

How can I start my own collection of Hess trucks?

If you’re interested in starting a collection of Hess trucks, it’s important to research reputable sources, learn about authentication techniques, and consider the value and condition of each truck.

What factors determine the market value of Hess trucks?

The market value of Hess trucks is influenced by factors such as rarity, condition, demand, historical significance, and current trends in the collector’s market.

Why are collectible Hess trucks sought after by collectors?

Collectible Hess trucks are sought after by collectors due to their historical value, unique designs, limited availability, and the joy and passion they bring to enthusiasts.