QuickLoanPlace Review

QuickLoanPlace review

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QuickLoanPlace Key information

It is an intuitive financial platform that is specially designed to provide its consumers with a personal financial loan. The top-notch goal of QuickLoanPlace is to help its users to solve any economic issue that is up to $35 000. There are no limits. You can easily apply for the personal loan and borrow a necessary amount of money from lenders for your own needs. Once you’ve asked for credit, you will be automatically directed to private lenders who will provide you with fast, reliable and hassle-free financial assistance. Moreover, you will be able to get your funds on the next business day.

Pros and Cons of QuickLoanPlace

Pros of QuickLoanPlace

  • Loan up to $35,000
  • APRs as low as 5.99%
  • An easy and fast request form
  • You can get your funds on the next business day

Cons of QuickLoanPlace

  • QuickLoanPlace has no feedbacks on their website
QuickLoanPlace review

Is it safe to apply with QuickLoanPlace?

QuickLoanPlace is not a lender. It is a financial platform that only connects borrowers with lenders through their network. There are three kinds of loan for you to choose from: peer-to-peer, personal bank loans and personal installment loans. It is safe to apply for QuickLoanPlace, as all the information you provide is securely stored.

QuickLoanPlace Loan Application Process

The application process is easy and takes only a few minutes to submit your request form. Your request may be approved within a couple of minutes. The whole process is secure and completely safe. It is very comfortable as it will not take you a lot of time as well as will save your nerves. You need to fill the request form and follow the instructions. Once you have completed your online application, QuickLoanPlace will connect you with the lender. You need to read and learn all the loan terms and conditions before you accept the loan. Then you need to confirm your information as well as accept the terms to accept your funds on the next business day or earlier. The exact time your funds will be deposited on your bank account depends on the lender’s deposit process.

To apply for a loan you should:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have a valid phone number;
  • Be a United States citizen or its permanent resident;
  • Have a constant profit;
  • Have a valid checking account.

You can qualify for a loan only in case you meet all the requirements. It is not obligatory to have perfect credit to get approval for a loan. Your higher income, as well as credit score, can only provide you with a higher guarantee that you will get an approval from your lender.

You cannot apply if you are not a U.S resident or a U.S lending partner. However, QuickLoanPlace is going to change this system and work with international lending partners too. It will solve the problem of serving non-U.S customers in the nearest future.

You can easily apply for a loan from $100 to $35,000. The amount you will be approved will depend on a lender’s requirements and the other essential factors. You should be ready that loan rates, as well as APR, can vary (it depends on lenders and loan products).

How Does It Work?

You submit a particular request form. Then you are directed towards one of the third-party lenders.  In order, the lender can offer you a loan it is required your agreement on using as well as accepting electronic records, signatures, notices, etc. Instead of using an online form you can use request any disclose in paper copy. For this need to should contact your lender and ask for a paper copy. Be ready that some of the third party lenders may ask for a charge for these copies.

To obtain your loan, you need to follow simple instruction:

  • Move to the website and fill in a simple loan request form. This is necessary to do as the lender will be able to know all the required information about you to fund your request.
  • Follow the online form and submit the application
  • QuickLoanPlace will send your request to their lending partners
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a list of terms and requirements from the lender. In this agreement, you will clear the way of repayment as we, as special conditions of a lender. Before signing the contract, it is recommended to learn all the necessary information to avoid misunderstandings in the future
  • Wait for your funds deposited into your bank account the next business day (or sooner). The exact amount of time it will take depends on your bank’s specific policy and on the time of the loan approval.

QuickLoanPlace Quick Facts

  • Personal loans up to $35 000
  • The secure and straightforward request form
  • You will be able to get your funds the next business day or earlier
  • No matter what the need is, QuickLoanPlace will connect you with a third-party lender that will assist you in solving your financial issue


QuickLoanPlace is an intuitive financial platform that is specially designed for those who are searching for an immediate economic solution. No matter what the reason is. QuicklLoanPlace helps everyone who wants to borrow up to $35K. It will connect you with a third-party lender that will provide a fast, relaxed and hassle-free financial assistance. You will get your funds on the next business day if not sooner.