OptionsHouse Login

Those customers who would like to log in to their OptionsHouse.com account or sign in a new one can easily do it by clicking on the “OptionsHouse Login” link below. By doing this they will move to the OptionsHouse login page.

OptionsHouse Disadvantages

  • Does not provides 24/7 customer support
  • There are numerous reports that tell about the unavailable form of trading on both desktop and mobile devices. As a result, investors were locked out of their OptionsHouse accounts
  • Forex market is not available
  • Outdated software, a large amount of lack of investment products, poor customer service
  • Commissions are not advertised
  • OH data constantly lags especially when traders are trying to load option chains
  • To take advantage of debit cards privileges for both margin and cash accounts, users should have at least 10K dollars in their account
  • To provide its users with check writing privileges, OH requires a minimum of $2,000

OptionsHouse Login Page Screenshot

OptionsHouse Login

This is the www.optionshouse.com page screenshot. You could log on to the OptionsHouse login page with the help of the link above.

OptionsHouse IRA Overview

Individual Retirement Accounts

OptionsHouse allows its clients to open individual, joint tenants, business accounts, LLCs, partnership accounts, sole proprietorship accounts, corporate accounts, investment clubs, accounts for tax-exempt organizations and estates.

Concerning IRAs, OH offers Roth IRA, beneficiary IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Rollover Ira and traditional IRA.

Trading Commissions

OptionsHouse offers very competitive commissions. Their cost is unseen. It requires 0 dollars for trading stocks, $0.50 for trading options with a $0 base fee. It means that if the investor decides to trade 1 option contract it will cost him at least 5.45 dollars (it is the minimum), for two contracts he will pay 5.45+0.50 ( $5.95). It should be said that all the option orders are automatically directed to an exchange, such as CME, BATS, or ICE. Every order requires an additional $0.10 fee.

The low commission rates are a great benefit of OptionsHouse. However, you get what you pay for. Along with these low commission rates comes outdated software, a large amount of lack of investment products, poor customer service and slow trading software. The forex market is not available. OptionsHouse provides access to the futures market. However, clients should have an account minimum – 10k dollars. What is strange and suspicious, commissions are not advertised. Tax documents, monthly trade statement and the other delivered form of the paper statement is charged a 2 dollars handling fee.

Research and Education

OH offers its clients comprehensive research tools. It provides customized options chains that are very useful to execute trades fast and easy. However, much of the research features OptionsHouse has lacked more details.

Customer Service

Of course, as every broker, OptionsHouse does its best to provide its customers with excellent customer service and quick advice. However, there are cases when you and someone else also need customer service it takes time to get a response. In most cases, their live chat and phone lines are busy. Therefore, you should be ready to hear alarming busy-tone. Thus, you should be patient and wait until one of the OptionsHouse representatives is available to accept your phone call or answer the live chat. Every client should take into account that OptionsHouse does not provide 24/7 customer support. It is only available from 8 AM – 8 PM ET, from Monday through Friday (it does not offer customer support on weekends).

Trading Tools

OptionsHouse includes the following trading tools: tradeLAB, Snapshot Analysis, Spectral Analysis, Trigger alerts, the strategy seeks and trade cycle.

However, OptionsHouse (OH) is a slow web browser offering a slow and difficult trading platform. Moreover OH data constantly lags, especially when traders are trying to load option chains. On one hand, this disadvantage could be covered by its low commission rate and it could be a great alternative for traders who are not interested in serious investments.

Those traders who are interested in making constant and frequent investments will not accept the fact that they have to wait 2-3 seconds for the option chain until every single underlying will load.

Mobile Trading

OptionsHouse offers an application for Apple. It claims that is has a great rating and user-friendly interface. However, the 3/5 star average review of the OptionsHouse mobile device app suggests otherwise.

It is also said that the OptionsHouse representatives tried to boost the overall app rating in the Apple App Store. The thing is the number of OptionsHouse complaints by actual OptionsHouse clients was so high that their efforts were wasted and insignificant. OptionsHouse tried to release a duplicate version of the existing Apple App, but their efforts were failed because their existing clients continued to write negative reviews of the new version.

However, it is clear why their clients were acting this way. There are many reasons why this app has so low rate and so many negative reviews: scrolling is slow, trading is difficult and slow, the app freezes, and the app spontaneously crashes.


OptionsHouse is the wrong solution for options traders. However, it is a great choice for new, small, international investors or active options traders. It has low commission rates and has the necessary trading tools to start making investments.