Imagine a combination of eBay, Sotheby’s and personalized t-shirts. The founders of the Open Collectors Network ICO aren’t even sure of all the possible applications. The blockchain might be used to tokenize any one-of-a-kind creation that you possess.

This might be most valuable to artists. Now, they do not need to go to the local patent and trademark office. They can use the Open Collectors Network ICO to copyright, trademark and patent their images, music or books.

What Is Open Collectors Network ICO?

Now, the Open Collectors Network ICO is empowering individuals to create their own brands. If you have something that is one-of-a-kind, you can tokenize it using the Open Collectors Network.

Open Collectors Network ICO Co-Founders Dan Andrei Singerozan and Ion-Cosmin Grigore are software developers based in Romania. Their mantra is – It’s time for a change. These might be the primary applications for the Open Collectors Network ICO:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Auction Houses
  • Gaming

The Open Collectors Network ICO allows for individuals, groups or organizations to create personalized, customized tokens for their graphics, music, books, games or antique cars.

You can auction your masterpiece directly through the blockchain, avoiding Sotheby’s high fees, which might be as much as 25%. Open Collectors Network might offer 1% fees for auctions.

If you want to add a new character to a popular game, why not create it on the Open Collectors Network blockchain? This could act like a public copyright, trademark or patent. One of their brands is CryptoRight, which is a digital version of a copyright.

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How Does The Open Collectors Network ICO Work?

The co-founders have created a demo. The Open Collectors Network ICO has created the ECTO token. Pre-ICO dates are from February 12, 2018 to March 25, 2018.

The Initial ECTO value: 0.00011 equals 0.000117 ETH. The Minimum Investment is 0.1 ETH. The Soft Cap is 3,000 ETH; the Hard Cap is 15,000 ETH.

The Open Collectors Network is making 2 million ECTO tokens available for its Bounty Campaign.

The featured Social Media avenues for the Open Collectors Network ICO are Telegram (5%), Reddit (5%), Twitter (15%), Facebook (15%) and YouTube (10%).

ECTO token ownership could include discounts, voting rights and airdrops. There is a Maximum Bonus of 30% based on investment.

Features of Open Collectors Network ICO

The Open Collectors Network ICO can offer the following advantages over traditional methods for protecting intellectual and physical property: affordability, creativity, speed, accountability and transparency.

Information will be hard-coded directly into the smart contract. All of the Open Collectors Network ICO code is open source. Decentralized platforms can reward their active users. Investors can hold tokens or actively participate.

  • Anyone can run their own ICO.

    The ERC721 standard can be used by game developers and third parties, who can easily copy the open source code and interface with the Open Collectors Network.

  • “Anything unique can be tokenized.”

    ECTO token owners will collect fees for creating and trading tokens.

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May, 2018 — Jun, 2018

2018/03/31 23:59:57

Open Collectors Network ICO Roadmap

October 2017

  • ERC721 standard analysis
  • Collectible token mechanics & use case analysis
  • Marketing strategy draft
  • Smart contracts draft

December 2017

  • ERC721 standard implementation
  • OCN token smart contracts
  • Trading smart contracts (demo)

January 2018

  • Team expansion
  • Smart contracts integration
  • Metamask integration
  • White paper
  • Smart contracts deployed on Ropsten
  • Token sale mechanics finalized & contractes tested end-to-end

March 2018

  • Sale contracts deployed on mainnet
  • Prototype design overhaul enhancements

April 2018

  • Team expansion
  • Sprint planning

Q4 2018

  • Comming soon

Q2 2019

  • Coming soon

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Team of the Open Collectors Network ICO

Dan Andrei Singeorzan co founder and developer of open collectors network ico

Dan Andrei Singeorzan


Ion Cosmin Grigore co founder and developer of open collectors network ico

Ion-Cosmin Grigore


Grant Tiller product manager of open collectors network ico

Grant Tiller


Florin Stefan expansion and marketing executive of open collectors network ico

Florin Stefan


Daniel Taivan test lead of open collectors network ico

Daniel Taivan


Stefan Mihai Stanescu legal advisor of open collectors network ico

Stefan Mihai Stanescu


Cristian Cotarcea digital marketing specialist of open collectors network ico

Cristian Cotarcea


Lulian Andrei Popescu senior developer of open collectors network ico

Iulian-Andrei Popescu


Marina Grigore web developer of open collectors network ico

Marina Grigore


Alexandru Spasenie android developer of open collectors network ico

Alexandru Spasenie


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The Bounty Campaign of Open Collectors Network ICO

Open Collectors Network ICO Allocation of funds:

  • Partnerships 30%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Legal & Operations 10%
  • Development 37%
  • Unforseen 3%

Token Allocation Of Open Collectors Network ICO:

  • Founders 10%
  • Company 13%
  • Advisors 10%
  • Bounty 2%
  • Sale 65%


Create Your Token Brand Via Open Collectors Network

The Open Collectors Network could simplify intellectual property, by placing it on the blockchain. Now, anyone can tokenize whatever they want.

The Open Collectors Network ICO also envisions an incubator to share ideas about the best applications for the platform. With the Open Collectors Network ICO, you can create your own token brand.