MOVEMENT is an app that transfers users moves into tokens. This paper describes how we use blockchain technology and smart contracts to implement economic dimension to the Movement App that motivates users to workout or to use walking as a main mode of transportation. From now, all the time that people spend for running, jogging or even walking to work/classes and back home will become profitable.

What Is Movement ICO?

MOVEMENT – is a new ecosystem, where everyone would be able to get coins for beating the distance. It could be running, jogging or walking, outside or using a treadmill. Users will be able to spend their coins in Movementin-app Store by purchasing sports goods, sports nutrition, sportswear and online Fitness & Yoga courses. Or they could simply trade it into tokens and exchange it to any cryptocurrency or sell.

It Provides 3 Categories of Tasks
  • Movement™ store

    In-app coin that users get as a reward for beating the distance. Run coin could only be used for purchases inside that store or exchanged for MOVE tokens in the wallet.

  • Movement API

    Every person would be able to monetize personal sports activities, travel and everyday life as well as get the additional motivation using API.

  • Movement Economic System

    The main feature of MOVE Tokens there is to form an efficiency multiplier and serve as a bonus coefficient applied to the amount of RUN coins rewarded by the Movement App API.




United States of America

How Does The Movement ICO Work?

By using blockchain technology and smart-contracts, we wish to give every user the ability to monetize its’ physical activity with no obstacles. Users will be given an ability to start making profit in one click. Every registered user will be given a wallet inside the Movement™ App. All the data as well as earned coins and purchased tokens will be safely secured in it. User will be able to operate with the wallet via smart-contract. Wallet will also show the real-life exchange rate and give user the ability to exchange RUN coins into MOVE Tokens. As could be seen from the scheme above, the system will have the following operation principle: As user runs, jogs, walks and beats the distance RUN coins are being added to his account in real-time. The number of coins rewarded depends on several factors such as total distance, time spent, calories burnt (if synchronized with apps with such calculating functions) and the amount of MOVE Tokens in users’ wallet.
The main feature of MOVE Tokens in Movement™ Economic System is to form an efficiency multiplier and serve as a bonus coefficient applied to the amount of RUN coins rewarded by the Movement™ App API.
Movement™ App will support Smart Watch technology as well as integration with all most popular smart accesories and apps for sports and health & activity tracking such as: Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit, etc.
Gained RUN coins could be spent at in-app shop or exchanged for MOVE Tokens.

The Benefits of Movement ICO
  • Easy to Start

    Just download our app from AppStore or Google Play, sign up and start earning.

  • Wallet

    Every user will get the ERC-20 wallet after creating the account. This wallet will be used for token transfers and interacting with the smart-contract.

  • Coins

    Earn RUN coins for beating distances, spend it inside the store or exchange them for MOVE tokens in your priavate wallet.

  • In-app store

    Our store will have sport goods from the famous world-brand such as Nike, Adidas, Reebook, Under Armour, etc. As well as the sport nutrition, online/offline fitness and yoga courses, training programs.

  • Cool design

    Our mobile apps are designed with following the modern approaches and best practices for users who enjoy active lifestyle.

  • Smart devices

    Our app will support smart-watches such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc as well as activity tracking apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.

Movement ICO Details
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    Token Symbol: MOVEMENT
  • Accepts: Ether (ETH)
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    Token Distribution: 1 000 000 MOVE developers and advisors; 2 100 000 platform development reserve; 3 072 000 MOVE pre-ICO; 2 000 000 MOVE Bounty; 3 000 000 MOVE ICO Bonuses; 10 000 000 MOVE ICO
Why Movement ICO?
  • Earn coins

    Beat any distance using our app and get rewarded in coins that could be traded for money.

  • In app purchases

    Be able to spend RUN coins inside Movement™ store.

  • Decentralized

    All the data and tokens are stored securely and transparently as the part of the Ethereum block-chain.

  • Competition

    Compete with other users in 1vs1 bets and tournaments!

  • Running Pools

    Stake your MOVE Tokens with runners and get a share of their running income without need to physically excercise yourself.

  • Fair and Secure

    MovementApp platform will use sensor-fusion, data analysis and machine learning to ensure fair rewards for every user.

Token Pre-Sale

Dec. 15, 2017 – Dec. 25, 2017

Token Sele

Feb. 2018 – Mar. 2018

2018/02/01 11:58:59
Movement ICO Roadmap


Idea found

FEBRUARY 2017 - JUNE 2017

Market research, consultations with advisor, technical research.


Whitepaper published


Brand Awareness, Marketing


Token sale phase 1


Token sale phase 2, Exchange listing

MARCH 2018

Movement App Alpha

JUNE 2018

Movement App Release

Team of Movement

The success of Storm market strongly depends on its team, which makes efforts, skills and professional knowledge to provide necessary success and development for the company. The team has demonstrated the ability to work in harmony as quickly as one. The founders of the company have shown their ability of great managing force, with four years of experience of working together, across 2 businesses.

Martin Holt founder of movement ico



Robert Hawkins cofounder of movement ico



John Yates web developer of movement ico



James Latham engineering lead of movement ico


Rose Harris community manager of movement ico



Token Sale Process of Movement ICO

Budget allocation:

  • 55% Platform Development
  • 35% Marketing
  • 5% Legal
  • 3% Operations
  • 2% Security

Token Distribution

  • 1 000 000 MOVE Developers and Advisors
  • 2 000 000 MOVE Bounty
  • 3 000 000 MOVE ICO Bonuses
  • 10 000 000 MOVE ICO
  • 3 072 000 MOVE pre-ICO
  • 2 100 000 platform development reserve


By performing a deep Marketing and Technical research, our team came to a conclusion that the Movement App has a potential to get over  1mil. downloads by the end of the second quarter of 2018. By creating the unique economic system, we become the first project to occupy the niche of mobile Apps on blockchain technology which gives the ability to monetize everyday life. This fact demonstrates a great potential of the platform.