Is It Worth Buying an Electric Car?

According to the recent news, Volkswagen plans to produce 500,000 batteries for electric vehicles a year. Large enterprises have been built in China and the United States. In 2019, the Chinese carmaker BYD plans to complete the construction of a battery plant on an area corresponding to 140 football fields.


The cost of electric car batteries will fall over time. Competition between manufacturers is intensifying and their developing rates speed up. Besides, every year we learn something new about the capabilities of batteries, manufacturers are constantly testing improvements that should lead to increased battery efficiency.


Nowadays, a battery in an electric car may be a significant expense, because the typical electric car is more expensive than a gasoline car of the same class. Soon everything will change.


Back in 2018, Bloomberg calculated that electric cars will be equal in price to cars with internal combustion engines in 2025, and a few years before that the difference will be quite insignificant. What does it mean? 


Should we wait for 2025 and then feel free to buy an electric car?


Simple calculations show that it is worth buying an electric car, especially if it is a used car, right now. By the way, you can take advantage of the largest transporters of personally owned vehicles in the country to transport a used vehicle to a new home. The difference between an electric car and a traditional car will pay off in a few years thanks to cheaper electric car power.


Besides, you will stop polluting the air and fear for your safety. Electric cars are safer than those with internal combustion engines.


What are the benefits of using an electric car?


The future of electric cars is obvious and inevitable. In the next few years, the variety of models will increase, they will fill the roads around the world, making driving comfortable for the driver and safe for the environment. Growth in sales and improvement of models will eliminate the existing shortcomings of electric cars, making these machines flawless in performance, dynamic, and speed properties. In this article, we will tell you about the main advantages of electric cars, thanks to which they will soon completely replace gasoline cars.


The pros and cons of the electric car are of interest to all potential owners of new-generation vehicles. This type of transport has several undeniable advantages, due to which their popularity is growing every year.


  1. The electric motor has a low weight.
  2. Durability and ease of maintenance.
  3. Environmental friendliness.
  4. High efficiency.
  5. Recharging at reduced speed.
  6. The engine does not produce sound.


The electric car does not have a fuel system, oil, spark plugs, and many other parts that are present in classic cars and complicate the operation.

Reliability and durability of operation, based on the fact that there is simply no reason to break.


Final thoughts


So, does it make sense to wait until 2025, when electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines are equal in the price? I don’t think so. I am convinced that each of us will be able to save on electric cars much earlier. We should not forget about the environment: it is also a very important argument in favor of choosing an electric car.