Interactive Brokers Review

Interactive Brokers invest
Interactive Brokers investing

What is Interactive Brokers?

Interactive Brokers is the comprehensive trading platform which is super popular in the numerous countries. It has been founded in order to be helpful to all the experienced traders.

Quick Facts About Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers Minimum Deposit


Interactive Brokers Options Trades


Interactive Brokers Stock Trades

$0.005/share, $1 minimum

Interactive BrokersMutual Funds



  • Huge software platform
  • Well-designed, comfy in use dashboard
  • Low commissions
  • Demo version is available free of charge


[wpsm_cons]There are no cons[/wpsm_cons]

This company is characterized by the low commissions and margin rates, competitive rates, unlimited access to the immense source of global instruments you may invest in. You can find here the diverse stocks, bonds, currencies etc. All the strategies developed by these services can impress you. This is the excellent working trading software platform which uses one of the latest technologies for providing the highest level of security and fast execution of any desired option.

Interactive Brokers investment

All the tools offered here are suitable for the experienced traders. It is very beneficial that it is offered to use the customer-friendly application which can run on your computer instead of through its website. You can test drive the demo version. It is necessary just to click the download button and follow the step-by-step guide in order install everything. Then it is required to put in your login credentials while creating an account. And finishing this you can get started using the benefits of this trading platform.

The dashboard includes the super quick-order entry panel. There is also a monitor which shows you all the selected tickers, the latest market news etc. Your log activity (not only recent) can be tracked on the bottom of the panel. There is the distinct summary of the orders that are both open or completed.


The windows can be managed in the way you like. add or remove boxes, and more. The existence of the numerous layouts gives you the opportunity to select one which is the best for you very quickly and easily.

Interactive Brokers offers the large diversity of services you may need right now so do not miss to check out them.

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