How To Select The Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

Do you struggle with crippling anxiety that makes it hard to get through your day and keeps you awake at night? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that anxiety is the most common mental health illness in the world. 


Many people turn to cannabis to help reduce anxiety. However, not all strains of cannabis are effective against anxiety. This article discusses how cannabis reduces anxiety and how to select the best strain for your needs. Move to Sacral Forest to get a massive amount of useful information concerning medical cannabis.

How Does Cannabis Reduce Anxiety?

Marijuana is a plant composed of many chemical compounds – over 500 to be exact. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary compound responsible for the plant’s stimulating effect. 


However, over 100 other compounds in marijuana are related to THC, and these are known as cannabinoids. Aside from THC, the most studied compound in cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD).


Research shows that CBD contains pharmacological benefits in regards to mental health issues such as anxiety, schizophrenia, addiction, and depression. It works by modulating neurotransmitters in the brain and binding to receptors that produce a mildly sedating or calming effect with very minimal (if any) side effects. 


Specifically, cannabinoids modulate networks in the body that modulate stress and reward systems, such as the dopamine system and HPA axis, making you feel calm, content, and enhancing well-being. 

Best Cannabis Strains For Reducing Anxiety 

The key to picking out a good cannabis strain for anxiety is to focus on one that contains a high amount of CBD for its relaxing effects. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning that it won’t make you feel high or stimulated. 


Research shows that lower doses of THC appear to decrease anxiety, while higher doses may exaggerate the condition. On the other hand, higher doses of CBD (300 to 600 grams orally) appear to reduce anxiety better than lower doses. 


We recommend the following high-CBD strains to reduce anxiety and promote calmness:


  • Ringo’s Gift


Ringo’s Gift contains a nearly full CBD strain of cannabis with a CBD to THC ratio of 24:1. The strain is a cross between ACDC and Harle-Tsu. 


  • Harlequin 


Harlequin is a very popular strain of CBD. It features a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. Harlequin helps promote an alert feeling that clears your head and exhibits a very mild euphoria. Most users state that this strain helps them engage in whatever activity they are currently engaged in. 


  • Stephen Hawking Kush 


Stephen Hawking Hush features a unique CBD strain that has soothing effects. It’s an indica-dominant strain that provides a mild relaxing effect.


  • Sweet and Sour Widow


This strain of cannabis falls in the middle ground when it comes to CBD to THC ratio. However, it’s a good strain for first-time users as it allows you to enjoy the effects of both THC and CBD without experiencing too much stimulation. 


  • ACDC


ACDC is a popular cannabis strain for anxiety. It’s CBD-dominant with an average CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. Users state that ACDC is a great strain for reducing pain, tension, and anxiety to promote a calm, clear mind.


  • Harle-Tsu


Harle-Tsu is a very functional strain of CBD that features a pleasant aroma that doesn’t leave the user strong sedated. The stain combines Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. 


  • Remedy


Remedy contains 14 percent CBD, making it an excellent option for anxiety. It features a refreshing lemon and pine scent to clear your head and promote calmness. 


  • Lifter


Lifter is a relatively new strain of cannabis that features around 16 percent CBD with barely any THC. Users state that this strain promotes calmness without hampering focus or attention.


  • Cherry Wine


Cherry wine contains around 17 percent CBD with less than 1 percent THC. Users state that it features hints of wine and cheese while relaxing your mind and muscles without affecting clarity. 


  • Elektra


Elektra is another high CBD strain of cannabis with 16 percent CBD and 1 percent THC. However, some users claim that Elektra has tested for around 20 percent CBD. It’s ideal for promoting a calming effect with pungent aromas. 

Final Thoughts

If crippling anxiety prevents you from being productive during the day or sleeping at night, then cannabis can help. Research shows that CBD helps promote calmness by binding to receptors in the brain and modulating stress and reward systems.


To select the best strain of cannabis for anxiety, we recommend going with a high CBD strain. Unlike THC, which has a stimulating effect, CBD promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation without making you feel high. 


We outlined several strains that are effective at reducing anxiety in this article. For more information on all things cannabis-related, check out the Pure Green Express website.