How to Invest In Legal Weed Business?

Weed or Marijuana is derived from the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. People use it to smoke as joints as it gives an elated feeling and a sudden sensation of extreme relaxation. They use it in order to attain the effects of intoxication. It is also widely used for medicinal purposes. A whole cannabis plant is used as medical marijuana. The chemicals presented in marijuana (called cannabinoids) are extremely helpful to treat a number of illnesses. Recent studies and research on animals have shown that marijuana may help to kill or reduce the size of certain cancer cells. It has the ability to slow the growth of cancer cells. Scientists have also suggested that the use of marijuana can help cure inflammation, seizure, mental disorders, HIV and many more. It can also be used as a pain reliever. Marijuana is also used by both well-acclaimed and struggling artists to enhance their levels of creativity and focus. Many celebrities have admitted that marijuana has helped them in producing great work.

Marijuana is banned and illicit in most of the world. It is due to the harsh effects that could be produced while using marijuana. A person is not completely stable when he uses marijuana. Many adverse accidents have been witnessed due to the overuse of marijuana. It is illegal in most of the countries.

Despite the accidents and adverse effects, two-thirds of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal. It is already legal in eight states of the United States of America for recreational use. For medical use, it is legal in 29 states of America. The business of marijuana is thriving day by day. It is estimated that the legal marijuana market will hit $25 billion by the year 2021. Moreover, there are lots of sites where you can buy weed online.

The Marijuana Industry

The use of marijuana is becoming more and more convenient. Companies are trying to use marijuana industrially. They are utilizing it to manufacture fabric, food and body care products. It is also a huge part of the healthcare industry. It is used in many medicines. The chemicals from marijuana are extracted and pills are made of them. A cannabinoid is used to relieve pain and depression.

With the increase in efficiency and usage of weed, the marijuana industry is expected to see a rise in terms of business growth. The growth in this industry will create 200,00 new jobs in the US by the year 2020. The cultivators, packagers, dispensaries, and manufacturing companies will benefit from the rise in total revenue of marijuana industry. With the legalization of marijuana in California, the sum of legal sale reached about $4 billion in 2018.

The industry of marijuana makes a large business. It has seen an exponential growth in last years and is expected to see more. The total sales of marijuana are expected to increase to 25 billion dollars by the year 2021. Many states in America have legalized the use of marijuana (medicinal and recreational). Others are expected to legalize it as it is what many citizens want. Legal weed business will rise to glorious heights in a few years.

Invest in Legal Weed

There is a good chance to take advantage of this rising business and make a profit out of it. There are a few options to invest in legal weed business.


Canada has legalized medical marijuana in 2001 and it is said that the government is only a few months away from legalizing marijuana for recreational use in the country.

There are numerous companies in Canada that have emerged to take control of the supply of marijuana. Some of them are also on the stock exchange. One such company is Canopy Growth Corporation. It is a medical marijuana company based in Ontario. It has widely capitalized the market and has expanded rapidly. It is also officially licensed to export some of its items. The company’s latest trimestral revenue was 21.7 million Canadian dollars (USD 17 million). This revenue was more than the double of what they made last year in the same period. This is a clear indicator of the company’s potential. Canopy Growth has also gained the partnership of the wealthy conglomerate constellation brand. It has become the leading marijuana supplier company in Canada.

Canopy Growth is not the only company benefiting from the rising market of weed. There are several other companies in Canada that are adept in their legal weed business. Supplier companies that line up behind Canopy growth are Aphria, Aurora Cannabis, and Medreleaf. These are also profitable companies with a potential to expand.

  • Medicine

The chemicals found in Marijuana known as the cannabinoids have the potential cure many diseases. It is the substance that many biotech companies are after. They are developing medicines and treatments using this chemical.

One such company is GW Pharmaceuticals. It is a UK based company. It is a developed and recognized company. They are known for the use of Sativex. Sativex is an approved botanical drug that is extracted from cannabis. They created a spray medicine out of it to cure the patients of multiple sclerosis. The GW Pharma is approved in 30 markets. It is dedicated to making cures and remedies for infectious and fatal diseases. The company’s stock is expected to rise. It can be a profitable investment.

  • Scotts Miracle-Gro

Marijuana can be beneficial for the plantation. The company Scotts Miracle-Gro is the supplier of garden goods. Their shave marijuana stocks because it helps the shrubs to grow better. The stocks of this company were declining but then miraculously they upgraded their stocks. It can be a profitable option.

Other companies like medical marijuana, Inc., and Cronos group are also producers and sellers of weed. Their stocks can be of potential profit.


Weed investment is undoubtedly an interesting investment opportunity. But, you should always be careful while investing. A good detailed research would be beneficial. It would provide you with the statistics you’ll need to invest smartly. Take your time, but when you’re ready just consider this advice from Brochstein “Treat cannabis investing like edibles: Start low and go slow.”