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Imagine this situation: you have strived for investing in some business company, you take some risks and you gather all the information needed to act properly for making that dream come true. However, there is still something more needed: how to choose a business name that could give you more revenue? It’s not easy to pick up names for businesses. That’s something that is needed to do, but it gives us some problems. Sometimes it is harder for people to pick names for business companies than for picking names for their children because with children you can repeat names that are being used, it is not the same with business companies because names can’t be repeated if they are officially registered by that time. In this article, you will review some best business names for your company.

First Thing: Cross Out Names That are Already in Use

This is the very first thing that you need to do. Like we have already talked about it before, names can’t be repeated for business companies. That’s why the first thing to do is to create a list with all the names for business companies that are already being used. If you have done it, you can create some ideas for names, that’s why this activity can help you twice. Do this before trying to pick a nice-looking name, otherwise, you could get frustrated by knowing that a perfect name that you thought about is already being used by the other company.

It Has to be Something Catchy

This is the golden rule here. The name of your company has to be catchy in order to appeal to customers. That can be an advantage point for your company, catchiness is a great way of advertising by itself. That’s why it is so important to select catchy names for your company. You can think of some hilarious names, which never fail. You can use some rhymes for your company name that can more stick in customers’ mind than the difficult names to pronounce or spell. Try to be creative.

It Has to be Something Informative

Yes, the name of your business company has to reflect at some way what you do or what you produce. By doing this, customers will know immediately what your company does or what it produces. You can take advantage of that by using proper names for your company. Some people forget about the power of words. Some experts indicate that by having a good name for your company you can dramatically increase its popularity.

Think About a Logo

Some people just think about the name. However, let’s remember something important for advertising. Names are always bound to logos. That means that by choosing a name for your company you need to consider that it will have a logo on it. You can create a better name for your business if you think about a logo too. It means that by selecting a name you will also have to consider a logo for your company. Some names can easily create a logo. For example, Penguin automobile services can easily create a logo of a penguin with a car at its side, or, on the other hand, think about Martz automobile services that can’t easily create a logo. That’s why you need to think about a logo when you select the exact name for your business company.

You Can Use Some App Generators

Yes! These days are known for machine automatization. That’s why some software can easily pick up names for you. Of course, a random name will never replace what human creativity can do. You can use one of those applications in order to gather some nice ideas for your business company, however, it is not recommended to use them heavily, because it’s better to consider some golden rules that we have talked about earlier.

Don’t Select Too Long Names

This is another golden rule. Try to avoid picking up names that are too extensive as they will not generate great impact on customers. The idea of picking up names for your company is to make your business organization a little bit more appealing to customers, that’s why big names don’t accomplish it. Your business name has to be informative, however, avoid selecting names that are extremely descriptive. Companies that have already used long names, end up selecting shorter names for their companies as an abbreviation of the complete name.

Try not to be Selfish

Yes, the ego can ruin our lives in lots of ways. One of them is the desire to select our name or our last name for our company/business name. This is not a great strategy, because it will only look like a selfish act and not an appealing name for customers.

You Can Contract an Agency for Making It

This is the last resource you have. Of course, you can pay someone else to pick the name of your company for yourself. However, we don’t recommend you to do it because picking up the name of your company is an interesting task that you wouldn’t like to miss out. In the end, it can feel like your own work and a special thing for yourself.


Now you know more about the important things you have to take into consideration before choosing the best name for your business.