How to Become a Divemaster? | Invest in your future

A diving instructor is a profession that many dream of, quite rare, and very romantic. Diving instructors can divide into two groups: The first are those instructors who live and work in diving centers on the seashore and accept divers who come to dive and learn something new. The latter are those instructors who live in cities, train divers, and direct their students to the former. But, no matter what group of instructors you belong to – this work is inextricably linked with the sea, ocean, and travel. Perhaps this is called a dream job!


To get closer to this dream, you need to go through some steps on your life path. Especially for those, who are interested in how to go through these steps, we have written this article.


What is a Dive Master?


The divemaster is the first professional title that allows you to work in a dive center. Diving training is conducted step by step. Before becoming a divemaster, you have to go up the training ladder.


The first step is to get a basic Diver course. Next, you have to go through an extended course – “Universal diver”. With these two courses behind you, you will master the knowledge that will allow you to dive to the maximum depth for amateur diving – 40 meters.


But, it is not enough to become a divemaster. It is necessary to gain knowledge that will allow you to come to the rescue of divers in an emergency. And this means that you are expected ahead – the first aid course and the rescuer course. After completing them, you can start the Divemaster training course.


How long does it take to become a divemaster?


In the theoretical part of the “divemaster” course, you will study the rules for organizing dives and methods of controlling divers underwater, touch on the psychological aspects of communicating with a client and consider the ethical side of these. Besides, you will receive the basics of public speaking and methodology for working with clients and work out the theory of diving.


To start a divemaster course, you must have at least 60 dives in your dive logbook, and you must be at least 18 years old.


You already have courses under your belt:


  • NDL Diver,


  • NDL Universal Diver,


  • NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver.


  • NDL Rescue Diver


Completed the course of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation within the last 24 months. In general, it takes 4 weeks up to 6 months. Or you can provide equivalent divemaster certification from other training organizations.


How Much Does it Cost to Become a Divemaster?


It is not easy to become a divemaster because you need to take courses and pass the relevant exams. To enroll in the course, you must have lots of registered dives.

The course takes approximately 10-14 days under the guidance of a certified instructor-trainer. The schedule of classes can be different – both with a break “from production”, and on weekends. After the course, you need to pass exams taken by a certified instructor. So, the divemaster course costs 500 USD.


How much money does a divemaster make?


The question “how much does a divemaster make?” is a common one. People think that the divemaster’s salary is very high. Naturally, it is not.  You get only 5 USD per guided customer. On a daily rate, the sum of money varies from 20 to 50 USD.