This is an AI-commerce platform. The interesting peculiarity of it is that HINT can be integrated to digital or voice assistant, for instance, Google Home. The blockchain technologies are used here. It is possible to gather purchase information, to make the accurate analyses as well as share that information with the Hint community.

You should pay attention to the fact that the crowdsourced shopping data is extremely helpful for providing the instant and efficient purchase in real time.

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How Does The HINT ICO Work?

HINT ensures the democratization of consumers data and this is gained due to prompting the users to

digitize all the information regarding purchases. One of the main tasks of the given platform is widespread of a cryptocurrency with the means of rewarding the users with Hint native tokens every time they do their shopping.

The immense cryptocurrency growth is expected and everybody will be able to get a much better life. It is possible to capture receipt and then it is easy to make the through all the shopping patterns and this is made in the real-time. The gathered data is aimed to be used in HINT network in order to find products and services that can be the perfect match for the customers’ needs. The search is super fast and extremely simple.

The project offers the impressive transparency. Moreover, the personal data analytics dashboard, the advanced analytics capability, and the friendly-user interfaces are the enormous benefits.

The customers can get the sufficient assisting at HINT with all the necessary data that turns out to be very helpful to make a smart decision.

You receive the reminders regarding the things that should be stocked in your pantry.

Features of HINT ICO

HiNT enables the digitized receipts that can be reprinted anywhere and anytime it is necessary. Both mobile and web applications are available.

Hint Tokens can be used in the diverse ways, for instance, in the HINT ecosystem, and for online shopping worldwide.

AI-Commerce in voice assistants can be widely used at HINT.

There is the real-time spending, automatic alerts, notifications etc.

One more interesting feature of the given platform is the existence of the unified timeline. It is available for the whole purchase history. All the receipts can be stored in a single place. It is easier to trace the history of the purchases in such a way.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy HINT’s automatic categorization of the purchases too.

One more important details, it is possible to transfer native coins to your friends or family members, for example. There is the option of transferring your coins from HINT wallet to Hint Debit card. Furthermore, every user can convert HINT coins into many other cryptocurrencies instantly.

Token Sale Process of HINT

Pre-ICO start date – February 8, 2018, and its end date – March 8, 2018.

HINT Tokens amount available for the sale on the Ethereum is of 30, 000 000.

Token Pre-Sale Of HINT ICO



Feb 8th 2018 – March 8th 2018

2018/03/08 21:59:59

HINT ICO Roadmap


  • Hint Backend
  • Hint Mobile App
  • Hint Blockchain
  • Hint Wallet

2018- Q3

  • Hint Dashboard
  • Hint Personal Data Analytics
  • Hint AI and Machine Algorithms
  • Hint API Gateway (Developers to integrateHint network with Google Home or Amazon Eco)


  • BigData Analytics Platform
  • Hint Debit Card

2019- Q1

  • Hint AI Powered Digital Assistant


Bounty Campaign of HINT ICO

Pre-ICO Funds Allocation:

  • Engineering and Product Design 65%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Legal 5%
  • Team, Advisors & Experts 10%

Token Distribution Of HINT ICO:

  • ICO 18%
  • Team 5%
  • Pre-ICO 5%
  • Bounty 2%
  • Hint Network 60%
  • Founders 10%


This project will definitely cope with its main goal of disrupting, enhancing to a great extent the whole shopping experience everybody of us has used to have. The decentralized global platform has a lot to offer its customers and it is capable of showing us the brand new way of shopping which is free of any hassle. Track your purchases without efforts with HINT services.