What Is FuzeX ICO?

The FuzeX ICO review introduces you the project which is the ecosystem which enables the exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in the real time. In such a way everything is meticulously made here, the chosen cryptocurrency can be spent in the desired way whenever and wherever the user wants this to do. It is possible to store up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts at the current moment. The customers can use 10 credit/debit cards as well as 5 rewards cards and it is really super comfy that all this is available in just one clever e-card.  Everybody enjoys the two-factor authentication option as it ensures the additional security. If to be more exact, it is possible to set the safe PIN on your card and there can be the password on the application, in addition.

Both card and wallet at the FuzeX project allow getting all in one payment solution and it is recognized to be the smartest variant to make payments nowadays. FuzeX is aimed to facilitate all the payments that run with the means cryptocurrency, debit/credit/rewards.

FuzeX ICO Platform




FuzeX ICO Country



 Republic of Korea


How Does The FuzeX ICO Work?

As soon as you joined the given community you can follow the next steps:
  •  It is necessary to select the cryptocurrency on your FuzeX Card. Then goes the check out of the balance at your account. The real-time conversion rate in fiat currency must be viewed as well.
  •  The next stage includes passing your FuzeX Card to the merchant and then he has to insert it. As soon as this is done the POS terminal is capable of sending a request to the most relevant issuer.
  •  You FuzeX account is checked out by the Issues within a few seconds and the payment can be totally authorized in case your account has the sufficient funds. But when there are no funds in your account the payment is always declined in accordance.
  •  The payment is sent to the merchant instantly and it is completed then. Then you are allowed to get a courtesy purchase summary and it is made through the FuzeX Wallet.

Features of FuzeX ICO

The FuzeX project promises the great future of the payment is full of the immense perspectives and the whole process is much more simplified and safer. You can forget about all the mess since cryptocurrency, debit, credit, reward accounts are gathered in one place.

The platform is available all around the clock and no matter where you are located, you can connect with FuzeX.

There is the extremely convenient and simple in use E-Paper display which allows choosing the most appropriate method of payment.

The huge benefit is the option of combining the multiple cryptocurrency accounts, credit/debit/rewards cards in just one simple solution called the clever e-card.

And the last, but not the least is the security, a lot of attention is paid to this aspect so the customers can feel totally safe for their funds and accounts.

Token Sale Process of FuzeX

BTC and ETH are accepted at the given platform.

Hard cap point is of 40,000 ETH and it has been already reached.

The Pre-Sale and Private Sale raised 20,000 ETH each.

The native XT Tokens will be allocated when total FuzeX

Pay attention to the fact that the wallet address cannot be changed. And the token will be allocated when the sale is over, namely, 6 weeks after its end.

Token Pre-Sale Of FuzeX ICO



2018.01.15 00:00 ~ 02.15 Midnight GMT

Token Sale Of FuzeX ICO



Early 2018

FuzeX ICO Roadmap

2018, Q1

  • Establish partnerships with Issuers
  • Complete development of FuzeX Card (Prototype)

2018, Q2

  • Integrate the FuzeX Wallet with partner exchanges
  • Receive certification from payment networks (e.g. Visa or MasterCard)
  • FuzeX Card (Beta), FuzeX Wallet (Beta) with Bitcoin & Ethereum integration
  • FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet Beta Test
  • FXT Tokens are on Partner Exchanges

2018, Q3

  • Commercial launch of FuzeX Card and Wallet
  • Integrate additional cryptocurrencies
  • Launch partnerships for co-branding

2018, Q4

  • Integrate additional cryptocurrencies

2019, Q1

  • Acquire additional financial licenses
  • Launch FuzeX Bio (with biometric fingerprint verification)
  • Launch FuzeX Wallet 2.0

2019, Q2

  • Acquire additional financial licenses

2019, Q3 & Q4

  • FuzeX Centralized Exchange (Alpha)

FuzeX ICO Video

Team of the FuzeX ICO

Andrew Bae ceo of fuzex ico
Andrew Bae
Michael Park cto of fuzex ico
Michael Park
Daniel Kim cbo of fuzex ico
Daniel Kim
James Lee cfo of fuzex ico
James Lee
Steven Oh coo of fuzex ico
Steven Oh
Claude Kim business development of fuzex ico
Claude Kim
Tom- Macdonald marketing of fuzex ico
Tom MacDonald
Phil Kim in house counsel of fuzex ico
Phil Kim
Song Jeon strategic planning of fuzex ico
Song Jeon
GD Lee design of fuzex ico
GD Lee
James Park blockchain developer of fuzex ico
James Park
Younghui Yang hardware developer of fuzex ico
Younghui Yang
Joshua Leeshock app developer of fuzex ico
Joshua Leeshock
Minho Cho cos developer of fuzex ico
Minho Cho

FuzeX ICO Links

The Bounty Campaign of FuzeX ICO

FuzeX ICO Distribution of funds:

  • FuzeX Card 35%
  • FuzeX Wallet 5%
  • FuzeX Exchange & Infrastructure 40%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Audit 5%
  • Licensing 5%

Token Allocation Of FuzeX ICO:

  • Token Sale Event 60%
  • Bounty & Donations 5%
  • Technology Acquisition 15%
  • FuzeX Founders and Employees 15%
  • Advisors & Partnerships 5%


We should admit that the positive impact of the FuzeX project is really immense. It has strengthened its positions being the decentralized currency that is extremely transparent and reliable. If you are looking for the diverse innovative business solutions that can stagger anybody then choosing the FuzeX platform is definitely the right idea.