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What Is Desire (DSR)?

The given brief Desire review will let you know the key facts about the promising platform which is aimed to avoid any centralized payment system. Desire is stated to be the brand new kind of P2P digital currency called DSR. Its main purpose is to unite the traders all over the world, those who are eager to take the active part in the process of money exchange and transfer receiving the sufficient rewards (for example, the Masternode reward can reach 20%).

The project has to ensure the most rapid transactions and anonymity. The last one is possible due to excluding the tracking option.

How Does Desire Work?

The given project is built on the NeoScrypt. As a result, it has a wide range of the innovative features that can be offered by the other companies. If to be more detailed regarding the above-mentioned algorithm, then it must be mentioned that it is the hashing one. This means that it is resistant to ASIC. Ti is a huge benefit indeed as everybody is equal here and can join the mining process easily.

Desire (DSR) Specification

Desire uses the multi-tiered approach which proves to be successful and beneficial. The thing is that Masternodes are exceedingly powerful in such a case as all the clients have the equal rights. In addition, the net of peer to peer connections becomes more and stronger when both the number of nodes or clients is up. It is obvious that the Masternodes have become the indispensable feature of Desire since they are able to support and strengthen the network greatly. The high level of security is guaranteed as well.

It must be also noted that all the traders have the possibility to both send and receive the diverse instantaneous transactions that are not reversible, by the way. All the above-mentioned can be done using the Masternode quorums. All the inputs received from the transaction are locked as soon as a quorum has been created. They can be spent in some specific transaction. The locking process may take up to 4 seconds in order to be maintained at the current moment on the given network. Those transactions or blocks that are conflicting can be denied if the agreement is settled on a lock of the Masternode network. Still, this case can be solved as soon as those elements match the accurate transaction ID of the lock in place successfully. The diverse mobile devices can be used instead of some  POS systems due to this.


Block time:

Difficulty adjustment:






RPC port:

P2P port:

Max coin supply:


60 seconds

each block (Dark Gravity Wave v3)

ends on block 259200 / 180 days

starting from block 259201

1000 XLR collateral

TX Obfuscation





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Team of the highly qualified professionals


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Launch process for the cross-platform (MAC, Linux, Windows, IOS, Android)


Powerful advertising campaign


Thorough searching for the new markets


Working on constantly growing capitalization


Collaboration with cryptocurrency services


Worldwide recognition, position on the top of exchanges

Desire (DSR) In Numbers

  • Circulating Supply is 1 012 637 DSR
  • Total Supply is 1 772 559


Considering all the features this platform has and all the advantages of using them it becomes quite obvious that Desire is the project that is worth your attention right away as it will bring you a lot of profits in the nearest future.