Charles Schwab Review

Charles Schwab Review
Charles Schwab

What is Charles Schwab?

It is well-known that investors worry about the safety of their investment accounts nowadays. That is why it is very important to choose the company which has the excellent reputation and can guarantee you as low risks while trading as it is ever possible. Many of companies provide the multiple layers of protection for their investors. And we must admit that we are truly impressed by the degree of protection and uniques approach to customer assets and personal information which Charles Schwab offers.

Quick Facts About Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab Minimum Deposit


Charles Schwab Commissions

$4.95 flat rate


  • There are the security questions if some unauthorized account activity is detected
  • Pattern analysis is available
  • 100% return of any losses that are caused by unauthorized activity
  • It provides financial education
  • Schwab is featured by the environmental responsibility
  • The company was awarded in 2015 as one of the Best Online Brokers



  • No cons detected


Now we are going to look closer at all their terms so you could know exactly what to expect.

Schwab is sturdy in its position in the market, still, we have to consider any possible development of the situation. And we have learned that in the case Schwab becomes bankrupt, then the SIPC can insure up to $500,000 insecurities. They can’t return to their clients, not taking into consideration the futures, investment contracts, and precious metals. It must be also mentioned that each customer can be insured via Schwab’s third party insurance and the sum is up to $150M.

Charles Schwab Review

The SIPC in its turn can insure up to $250,000 in cash and this is made for every account which is held in the separate capacity. But this is not all, the customers are insured up to $1.15M in cash. This is made with the help of Schwab’s third party insurance.

We suppose that everything is well-developed here. For instance, if Schwab becomes insolvent you are still in safe because all your assets will stay yours. They can’t be available to general creditors.
We also pointed out the given services due to the long list of their other impressive features that include the most advanced encryption technologies, high-level security measures. For example, when there the limited amount of attempts to put in your login, you may fail just a few times. You can also find here the extended validation certificates. The diverse automated notifications are enabled in order to let you know about some suspicious activity in your account. There is the limit on the number of employees who can access your personal information.


Summing up al the information shown above it is obvious that your security and satisfaction is Schwab’s priority.

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