To start with, this powerful service we will be talking about is built on Ethereum smart contracts. Pay attention to the fact that it is transferred directly to the EOS platform. This step is necessary in order to enable the option of comfy and easy controlling of profitableness. And an investor-miner can also get the high margin and every profit is always determined here taking into consideration all the costs and expenses. And one more impressive introductory fact is that all the existing mining data centres will be used to serve the third-party blockchain which is, by the way,  independent and totally anonymous. The decentralized control will be gained in an interesting way allowing every active member of the network to take a part in the voting process for a particular candidate.

It is worth choosing this project among all the others as it represents the smart combination of the most excellent principles including those efficiently working of decentralization – tokenization, remote observation, voting within smart contract etc.








Cayman Islands


How Does The CHARIOT ICO Work?

The main goal of CHARIOT to disrupt the idea of mining converting it into more beneficial and featured with transparency for all the investors. This can be implemented with the means of TDSoM which also has appeared in the cryptocurrency market due to CHARIOT developers. If to cut the long story short, this system is the production management one. The company offers to build fully decentralized and deposited share mining at the same time. The platform should become the most versatile and unique tool following the wide range of global principles. In such a way, CHARIOT will be able to be applied successfully in any desired field.

You can always feel safe using this service as the high level of collection, storage, allocation of funds is guaranteed here. All the possible risks are exceedingly slight.

Features of CHARIOT ICO

CHARIOT is the ideal choice for investors all over the world because of the numerous advantageous features that include:

  • Anonymity;
  • The possibility of offline work (the independent representatives are there to assist);
  • Limited MDC, just two in a particular country;
  • CHARIOT is available on a desktop and it is mobile-friendly too;
  • Remote video control;
  • Every member of the CHARIOT community has 2 available assets, namely, DShare and the TOM tokens that can be widely used for exchange trading. One important note must be also left here, the thing is that some part of DShare is transacted to a charitable foundation.  And the other parts are used for reserves and investments.

Token Sale Process of CHARIOT

The native TOM token is of the ERC20 standard. Everybody who wants to buy them has to pass the registration with service at first. Those tokens that remain non-marketed during the whole ICO campaign are burning.

The further rate of the token on exchanges will be defined by the demand. The supply ratio also plays a huge role in this process. Profits are high and the difference between those from the conventional cloud mining is obviously huge. And the profits chosen by the community members are controlled by the Escrow agents.

Among the significant benefits that attract investors to CHARIOT are also the numerous discounts for purchase of mining equipment, the right to transfer tokens to other members and the ability to take part in a quarterly win-win lottery.

Token Pre-Sale Of CHARIOT ICO



February 12, 2018 – March 07, 2018

2018/03/07 14:59:57




April 2018 – March 2019


Q4 2017

  • Idea Development

Q1 2018

  • Pre-ICO
  • BOUNTY-company
  • MVP

Q2 2018

  • Company registration
  • Starting Mining
  • Data Center
  • (MDC) Beta

Jun 2018

  • Starting Mining
  • Data Center # 1
  • with Escrow Agent

Jul 2018

  • Hot line
  • Remote video control

Aug 2018

  • Transition to
    EOS blockchain

Oct 2018

  • Opening of CHAR.Fund and
    RIF funds
    First mining payments for Q2

Nov 2018

  • Starting MDC # 2 Expansion of financial department

Q1 2019

  • Opening of
    CHARIOT Mining
    Starting MDC # 3

Q2+ 2019

  • Enter the stock exchange
  • Opening of new MDCs
  • Development of TDSoM for creating own blockchain


Team of the CHARIOT ICO

alpha keeper of chariot ico



beta russianhacker of chariot ico



gamma europe of chariot ico






The Bounty Campaign of CHARIOT ICO

Token Distribution Of CHARIOT ICO:

  • Pre-ICO and ICO 65%
  • EADC 5%
  • Team 27%
  • Bounty 3%


Taking into consideration the privileges the company can offer you it is one of those you can definitely rely on. It is of immense importance that everything is transparent at CHARIOT. In addition, only the latest technologies are used and the smartest solutions are offered here.