Bytecoin Cryptocurrency Review

Bytecoin (BCN) Coin Visit Bytecoin WebsiteWhat is Bytecoin?Bytecoin is not at all like some other cryptocurrency money as it enables secrecy by utilizing Ring Signatures to conceal wallet adjusts and exchanges, making any exchange you make adequately unlink able. Bytecoin is a cutting-edge totally anonymous cryptocurrency currency propelled on July 4, 2012, making it the …

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Investa ico logo

Investa ICO Review

Visit Investa WebsiteWhat Is Investa ICO?Investa aims to create an ecosystem that will allow its users to manage their investment portfolio with multiple currencies. It will help you to keep a track of your cryptocurrencies and the ICOs you invest in. This project offers complimentary services that allow you to manage crypto funds, prepaid debit …

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Cardium ICO Review

Cardium ICO Review

Visit Cardium WebsiteWhat Is Cardium ICO?The global epidemic of weight excess gain and obesity affects 1.9 billion people among persons aged 18 years and over. And every year this worldwide epidemic gains tract: 750 million people affected in 2017 alone, up from 650 million affected in the previous year. Studies show that this is a …

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QURREX ico logo


Visit QURREX WebsiteWhat Is QURREX ICO?A good cryptocurrency exchange can be difficult to find nowadays, as many of them lack support for all currencies and the features are rather limited. But QURREX ICO does a really good job at providing a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that integrates the traditional stock exchange industrial infrastructure with the decentralized …

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Ceyron ico logo

Ceyron ICO Review

Visit Ceyron WebsiteWhat Is Ceyron ICO?The financial sector is extremely diversified. People who are attached to the financial sector have come across the need to bring it together. It can effectively be done along with the assistance of Blockchain technology. That’s where Ceyron ICO comes into play. Hence, it is important to take a look …

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Algebraix ICO logo

Algebraix ICO Review

Visit Algebraix Data WebsiteWhat Is Algebraix ICO?Algebraix ICO is permission-based advertising network that enables individuals to own and is compensated for their personal data. In other words, users can selectively sell their personal data to advertising networks, meaning one can earn from the advertisements you choose to watch.Algebraix ICO Platform   Ethereum Algebraix ICO Country …

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MyDFS ico logo

MyDFS ICO Review

Visit MyDFS WebsiteWhat Is MyDFS ICO?In May 2018 you will be able to take part in the very first token that is aimed at the fantasy sports industry.  The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the MyDFS platform will be released in May. MyDFS promised to change the industry of fantasy sports, and it will not …

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Fiancia ICO logo

Fiancia ICO Review

Visit Fiancia WebsiteWhat Is Fiancia ICO?The given project is the excellent representation of multiple cryptocurrency pairs (the approximate number exceeds 3000). From this moment It is possible to trade at one place due to Fiancia ICO. It must be noted that everybody would be impressed with their extremely user-friendly trading terminal which, in addition, is …

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BitPlay ico logo

BitPlay ICO Review

Visit BitPlay WebsiteWhat Is BitPlay ICO?A current worldwide statistics shows a large boom in the gaming industry. It’s one of the fastest growing segments of entertainment, connecting, millions of gamers worldwide. During the long period of time, gamers have received no tangible rewards for their gaming passions, except the virtual coins which in essence have …

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Datareum ico logo

Datareum ICO Review

Visit Datareum WebsiteWhat Is Datareum ICO?Built on the Ethereum Public Blockchain, Datareum is a decentralized marketplace which allows individuals to monetize their private data by selling it directly to interested parties or market researchers. Data Requesters and Data Providers are the two key players in this decentralized marketplace that create a platform for a peer-to-peer …

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Dbrain ico logo

Dbrain ICO Review

Visit Dbrain WebsiteWhat Is Dbrain ICO?The given platform is the blockchain-based one, it is open and make converting raw data into real-world AI solutions the possible and quick process. The Dbrain company is concentrated on AI accessible to the diverse niches of business. That is why literally everybody who is willing to make a living …

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ICONIC ico logo


Visit ICONIC WebsiteWhat Is ICONIC ICO?ICONIC ICO is the promising platform, the representation of all necessary tools for binding the diverse types of investments and a large number of potential investors from all over the world. It is possible due to the usage of an innovative technology and smart methods that introduce the brand new …

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Krow Network ico logo

Krow Network ICO Review

Visit Krow Network WebsiteWhat Is Krow Network ICO?The Krow Network ICO is a blockchain-based platform which is available online 24/7. It has been developed for connecting employees and employers all over the world. The second ones will have the opportunity to transfer salary or wages directly on the given network. And it is important to …

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Etheera ico logo

Etheera ICO Review

Visit Etheera WebsiteEtheera ICOThe world is evolving day by day and with the development of the technology new concepts have been introducing to the world. Technology is an amazing thing. When it comes to what we have today, it should be said that each and every industry was affected by the technology. What is sad, …

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Froshfeel ico logo

Froshfeel ICO Review

Visit Froshfeel WebsiteWhat Is Froshfeel ICO?Froshfeel ICO is a revolutionary currency that can take the cryptocurrency exchange by storm. It has a decentralized system like any other digital currency. The platform itself has a lot of features which make it completely different from all the other currencies in the market. Froshfeel has a specific target …

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Xatra ico logo


Visit Xatra WebsiteWhat Is Xatra ICO?Xatra ICO is a cryptocurrency that is soon going to be launched in the cryptocurrency exchange. It is going to be a good window of opportunity for investors who want to put their money into a currency that has a stable relative system of dependency. This digital currency is going …

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Friend ico logo


Visit Friend WebsiteWhat Is Friend ICO?Wondering what FRND ICO is? Below we have discussed what FRND ICO is, its features, how it works and whether it is worth your investment or not. An Open Source Cloud Operating System, the FRND or Friend Unifying Platform aspires to decentralize the internet by creating an ecosystem for all …

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TokenLend ico logo

TokenLend ICO Review

Visit TokenLend WebsiteWhat Is TokenLend ICO?If you are a person who is looking forward to securely invest in real estate, you must take a look at TokenLend ICO. The primary objective of this ICO is to help you engage in real estate investments in a secure manner. With TokenLend, you will be able to invest …

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CroByte ico logo

CroByte ICO Review

Visit CroByte WebsiteWhat Is CroByte ICO?CroByte ICO is a system that focuses on providing and developing payment services and cryptocurrency, which uses Blockchain technology as the root of its development. Especially, it provides a crypto payment service for the Croatians, which can be used by users to transact easily, smarter and safer. Not only that, …

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