XTB investing

XTB Review

Open XTB Account What is XTB? XTB is the extremely successful online forex and CFD brokerage company. It was founded in Poland. Now it is based in the United Kingdom and has the offices all over the world and it has the rich experience having being in the market for more than 15 years. It …

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Pepperstone investing

Pepperstone Review

Open Pepperstone Account What is Pepperstone? Pepperstone is one of the leading trading platforms. It offers its services to all the Australian investors. It provides the access to the numerous desired global investment products that include stocks, bonds, commodities etc. The layout and resources of these company are mostly FX-focused. Other trading platforms it copes …

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OANDA investing

OANDA Review

Open OANDA Account What is OANDA? OANDA is extremely popular in many countries. The customers rely on these services and find them to be very reasonably rated and cozy in usage. And in the guide below we will try to let you know why this happens and whether this company is suitable for you too. …

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Motif Investing

Motif Review

Open Motif Account What is Motif? Do you want to know how exactly Motif works? The thing is that the customers can buy and own the desired underlying stocks. This in its turn means that it is possible to check out what you have whenever you want. Motif offers the unique innovative variant of money …

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Just2trade Investing

Just2Trade Review

What is Just2Trade? Are you looking for the lowest commissions on trades? Then Just2Trade is up for you and we are going to let you know how this company works and what its best offers look like. Open Just2Trade Account or Download a Just2Trade App Quick Facts About Just2Trade Just2Trade Minimum Deposit  $2500 Just2Trade Commissions …

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Interactive Brokers investing

Interactive Brokers Review

Open Interactive Brokers Account What is Interactive Brokers? Interactive Brokers is the comprehensive trading platform which is super popular in the numerous countries. It has been founded in order to be helpful to all the experienced traders. Quick Facts About Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers Minimum Deposit  $10,000 Interactive Brokers Options Trades $0.25–$0.75/contract Interactive Brokers Stock Trades $0.005/share, …

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FXCM investing

FXCM Review

Open FXCM Account What is FXCM? XCM one of the remarkable leaders in the market of online trading. The company was founded in 1999. It has rich experience and great tools. It is possible to get access to the diverse foreign exchange, spread betting and so on and so forth using the given services. There …

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City Index invest

City Index Review

Open City Index Account What is City Index? City Index is officially registered in the United Kingdom, the head office is located in London. If to be exact the company was established in 1983. It is the well-known spread-betting, CFD and forex trading platform which gains more popularity every day. Quick Facts About City Index …

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Barclays Invest

Barclays Review

Open Barclays Account What is Barclays? Barclays probably is one of the most popular financial services in the United Kingdom. It is very stable in its position since 1986. Is not this impressive already? It should be also mentioned that these services have won the numerous rewards for its excellent approaches and strategies. Quick Facts …

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AvaTrade Investments

AvaTrade Review

Open AvaTrade Account What is AvaTrade? AvaTrade is a trading platform which is available worldwide, still, it does not offer its services in the USA. The company was founded in 2006. A lot has changed and enhaced since those times. AvaTrade has a good reputation and rich experience. Quick Facts About AvaTrade AvaTrade Minimum Deposit €/£/$100 AvaTrademin …

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Firstrade Invest

Firstrade Review

Open Firstrade Account What is Firstrade? Firstrade is the well-known brokerage platform which is available in online mode. This company offers the diverse attractive promotions, numerous rewards, bonuses etc. in order everybody could find something the most suitable for him. Quick Facts About Firstrade Firstrade Minimum Deposit  $0 Firstrade Stock Trades $2.95/trade Open Your Firstrade Account …

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MarketRiders Review

Open MarketRiders Account What is MarketRiders? Do you want to get the most out of all your investments? We know how to manage this easily. All you need to do is just to select MarketRiders and we are going to let you know all the reasons why this a good deal. MarketRiders is well-known for …

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Ellevest Investment

Ellevest Review 2017

Open Ellevest Account What is Ellevest? Ellevest is an excellent choice for those who are looking for robo-advisors that are sturdy in the market and have a lot to offer to their customers. The given company has developed the super successful approach which is aimed especially to help those who are eager to maximize their …

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TradeKing LIVE Investment

TradeKing LIVE Review 2017

Open TradeKing LIVE Account What is TradeKing LIVE? This is one of the leading web-based trading platforms well-know in many countries. The great benefit is that there is no need to make the downloads. All the tools have been enhanced greatly recently. Quick Facts About TradeKing LIVE TradeKing LIVE Minimum Deposit  $0 TradeKing LIVE Commissions …

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Folio Investing

Folio Investing Review

Open Folio Investing Account What is Folio Investing? If you would like your money to be managed in the right and safe way then Folio Investing is everything you need for this. This company is extremely good at reaching the highest level of the investment potential of its customers. Quick Facts About Folio Investing Folio …

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Rocket Lawyer Invest

Rocket Lawyer Review 2017

Open Rocket Lawyer Account What is Rocket Lawyer? Do you want to get the professional piece of advice and assistance in managing all the needed documents online using the legal user-friendly resource? If the answer is "yes" then you should definitely pay attention to the company named Rocket Lawyer. It is located in San Francisco. …

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Wealthsimple Investment

Wealthsimple Review

Open Wealthsimple Account What is Wealthsimple? Wealthsimple is a Canadian financial service. It is a robo-advisor company supported by the well-known Power Financial Corporation. Wealthsimple started its business in 2014. It should be mentioned that these are the low-cost services. They are perfect for those who want to be hands-free financial traders. The automated investment …

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Blooom Investment

Blooom Review 2017

Open Blooom Account What is Blooom? Blooom is not just one more quite good financial services. There is something more. This company does its best to make its customers totally happy providing the excellent services they deserve. Quick Facts About Blooom Blooom Minimum Deposit  $0 Year Founded  2011 Blooom Commissions $10 per month Number of …

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marijuana stocks

Marijuana Stocks

What is Cannabis? Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant. In the early 20th century cannabis was a subject to legal restrictions. Nowadays, the cannabis use is illegal in most countries, but it is used for medical purposes. The use of cannabis became popular in the United States in …

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