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Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review

Siacoin (SC) Coin Visit Siacoin WebsiteWhat is Siacoin (SC)?Sia is a storage platform secured by blockchains. It is decentralised as centralised platforms are prone to get hacked and misused. What Sia does is it brings together a large amount of storage space and puts it in a blockchain to decentralise and encrypt it.How Does Siacoin …

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Aeternity Cryptocurrency Review

Aeternity (AE) Coin Visit Aeternity WebsiteWhat is Aeternity (AE)?Aeternity is a recently developed blockchain technology for decentralized apps. Its focus is on the scalability of smart contracts. Scalability is achieved by moving smart contracts of the blockchain and moving them in state channels which are private and only the parties involved in the contract are …

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Augur Cryptocurrency Review

Augur (REP) Coin Visit Augur WebsiteWhat is Augur?Augur is a decentralized prediction market which is Ethereum based. It can predict the outcome of a certain event by leveraging the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. By doing this, the answers of the crowd are averaged, by which you can obtain the most realistic outcome. A positive outcome …

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RChain Cryptocurrency Review

RChain (RHOC) Coin Visit RChain WebsiteWhat is RChain?A blockchain is a number of digital records which are roped together using cryptography. The use and the idea of a blockchain emerged from the desire to reduce intermediaries such as banks or credit cards and create a decentralized ledger system so that then only the buyer and …

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Bytom Cryptocurrency Review

Bytom (BTM) Coin Visit Bytom WebsiteWhat is Bytom?People are not often aware of cryptocurrency, what it is about, how it is used and what the main benefits it has. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is independent of the banks or the government. It can be transferred as well as used as a substitute for …

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Decred Cryptocurrency

Decred (DCR) Coin Visit Decred WebsiteDecred (DCR) Specification Algorithm: Proof Type: Start Date: Total Coins: BLAKE256 PoW/PoS 08/02/2016 21000000 DCR Decred (DCR) Wallets WEB WALLET Decrediton Decred (DCR) Mining Pools POOL.MN Decred (DCR) Exchanges BITTREX POLONIEX UPbit Zhaobi Cryptopia Bleutrade Tux Exchange Bisq Fex ShapeShift Evercoin Decred (DCR) Team of the Decred …

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BitShares Cryptocurrency

BitShares (BTS) Coin Visit BitShares WebsiteBitShares (BTS) Specification Algorithm: Proof Type: Start Date: Difficulty Adjustment: Total Coins: SHA-512 PoS 05/11/2014 1 block 2000000000 BTS BitShares (BTS) Wallets WEB WALLET BitShares (BTS) Exchanges Poloniex LiveCoin BigONE Binance Team of the BitShares (BTS) Daniel Larimer CO-FOUNDER BitShares (BTS) Links Twitter Website Telegram Reddit GitHub …

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Waves Cryptocurrency Review

Waves (WAVES) Coin Visit Waves WebsiteWaves (WAVES) Specification Smart Contracts: SideChain: Smart Contracts Language: Protocol: Founder: Release Date: Release Method: Useage: Cryptocurrecy Used: Blocks Time: Segwit: Scalable: Circulating Supply: Market Cap: Yes No Plug-ins Proof of Stake Sasha Ivanov 06-June-16 ICO Digital Currency Decentralized Exchange Fiat Gateways and Tokenization Waves 10-30 Seconds Not Ready for …

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NEM Cryptocurrency Review

NEM (XEM) Coin Visit NEM WebsiteNEM (XEM) Specification Genesis Date: Consensus Mechanism: Block Time: Available/Total Supply: Block Reward: March 31st, 2015 Proof-of-Importance 1 minute 8,999,999,999 XEM N/A (transaction fees only + node rewards) NEM (XEM) Wallets WINDOWS LINUX MAC NEM (XEM) Exchanges Poloniex Bittrex BTER BTC38 Huobi Binance LiveCoin NEM (XEM) Team Lon …

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Monero Cryptocurrency Review

Monero (XMR) Coin Visit Monero WebsiteMonero (XMR) Specification Algorithm: Block time: Difficulty adjustment: PoW: PoS: Masternodes: Darksend: InstantX: RPC port: P2P port: Max coin supply: XEVAN 60 seconds each block (Dark Gravity Wave v3) ends on block 259200 / 180 days starting from block 259201 1000 XLR collateral TX Obfuscation SwiftTX 61020 60020 infinte Monero …

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ZCoin Review

ZCoin (XZC) Coin Visit ZCoin Website What Is ZCoin (XZC)?Let's start the review with the fact that ZCoin is also well-known through the world as XZC or Zerocoin. This is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency. The project concentrates on providing the impressive level of both privacy and anonymity for every user of the platform while …

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Electroneum coin

Electroneum Review

Electroneum (ETN) Coin Visit Electroneum Website What Is Electroneum?The project's goal is to represent the new coin that can be mined in the easiest way ever right on smartphones. The platform has been created on its own blockchain, by the way. Electroneum's main task includes facilitating the cryptocurrency so it could understand much easier for …

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Cardano Review

Cardano (ADA) Coin Visit Cardano WebsiteWhat Is Cardano (ADA)?Cardano is a new project, aimed to influence the crypto world.  Cardano is a home to the Ada cryptocurrency, which is used to get and send digital funds. This digital cryptocurrency represents the future of money, making money transferring fast, secure through the use of cryptography. Cardano …

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Verge (XVG) Review

Verge (XVG) Coin Visit Verge WebsiteWhat Is Verge (XVG)?Verge is a reliable, safe and completely anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency. Its top priority is paying attention to confidentiality and security of users’ data. It improves the original Bitcoin blockchain and is aimed at performing its initial purpose of ensuring fast, reliable, secure, efficient and decentralized transactions.What Are …

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BitcoinZ Review

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Coin Visit BitcoinZ WebsiteEveryone has noticed the changes in the crypto world. With the recent peak of the price of Bitcoin, altcoins have been going down and people are searching for the alternatives of the most perspective cryptocurrencies to mine. Bitcoin has an open system, so all the transactions can be traced. For …

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Desire (DSR) Review

Desire (DSR) Coin Visit Desire WebsiteWhat Is Desire (DSR)?The given brief Desire review will let you know the key facts about the promising platform which is aimed to avoid any centralized payment system. Desire is stated to be the brand new kind of P2P digital currency called DSR. Its main purpose is to unite the …

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Sigil Coin

Sigil Coin Review

Visit Sigil WebsiteWhat Is Sigil Coin (SGL)?Let's start with the fact that Sigil has already become one of the most revolutionary cryptocurrencies nowadays despite being relatively new in the market. It has also gained the trust of the investors all over the world as the platform offers the highest level of both security and efficiency. …

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Solaris XLR Coin Review

Solaris (XLR) Coin Visit Solaris WebsiteWhat Is Solaris XLR?We are eager to let you know about the fast-developing and promising Solaris coin. The Solaris XLR appeared in the world of cryptocurrency on March 18, 2017, and the blockchain was relaunched on October 07, 2017. There appeared the XEVAN algorithm that is one of the most …

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