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Everyone has noticed the changes in the crypto world. With the recent peak of the price of Bitcoin, altcoins have been going down and people are searching for the alternatives of the most perspective cryptocurrencies to mine.

Bitcoin has an open system, so all the transactions can be traced. For some people, it’s great, while for others it’s not.

Thanks to ZkSNARKS (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive ARgument of Knowledge), Zcash was the first coin to perform anonymous transactions. In the other words, it’s a system which allows performing transactions without any risk of revealing personal information. Zcash supports t-address, Z-address, Z-address (zero address or anonymous). BitcoinZ has been built on the same framework as Zcash but upon Bitcoin’s fundamentals.

What Is BitcoinZ (BTCZ)

BitcoinZ is a bitcoin compatible cryptocurrency which is based on the zcash core. It utilizes the Equihash algorithm with t-addresses and zk-snarks anonymous z-addresses. The combination of these technologies allows BitoinZ to offer (GPU) mining to anyone worldwide. In addition to this, it provides an access to the commodity hardware. Moreover, it comes with big block reward and a big total supply (max coin supply- 21 Billion with 12500 coins block reward).

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) General Info

Total Amount of Coins: 21 000 000 000 BTCZ

Fast Transactions: BTCZ=2MB every 2.5 mins-

Algorithm: Equihash

Circulating Supply: 12500 coins every 2.5 minutes

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Wallets

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What Is The Problem?

Initial cost of Bitcoin mining is highly expensive. A few rich and wealthy people control the entire Bitcoin network. It was not predicted by Satoshi Nakamoto.

What to Do?

Instead of Bitcoin’s SHA-256, BitcoinZ uses the Equihash algorithm, which is more memory intensive.

What Is The Benefit Of Equihash?

Equihash is a Proof-of-Work algorithm, which leads to the computer science and cryptography concept called Generalized Birthday Problem. As a miner, you should not use the large pool to get great rewards (profits). Thanks to the Equihash algorithm you are able to mine coins even on your desktop computer.

What Are The Key Principles Of BitcoinZ?

  • 100% decentralized development
  • Everyone can mine (ASIC resistant)
  • You can use your Desktop PC for mine BitcoinZ. Most profitable is GPU mining.
  • Zclassic spirit, Zcash core, Bitcoin fundamentals
  • Immutable, unchangeable, hard forks only for improvements
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Store of value: Always POW and never POS
  • Everyone is equal
  • Every coin is made for community
  • Freedom and personal liberty
  • Fair proposal system
  • No pre-mine
  • No ICO
  • No dev taxes

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Exchanges

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BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Explorer

What are the benefits of BitcoinZ?

  • Anonymity Of Transactions

    All the money transactions are completely anonymous

  • Support For Different Platforms

    The BitcoinZ wallet is consistent with Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • Community

    Community recommendations and requests are highly appreciated

  • Active Price Growth

    BitcoinZ is focused on the organic growth

  • Low Fees

    Send money globally for a few pennies

  • Stability

    Its network is strong and works without congestion

  • Easy To Mine

    Thanks to the Equihash algorithm, BitcoinZ can be easily mined


It is predicted that BitcoinZ will experience a great success in future. It is a new cryptocurrency with ZkSNARKS and Equihash PoW features. Believe this BitcoinZ cryptocurrency will bring a big contribution to the crypto world.