What Is Algebraix ICO?

Algebraix ICO is permission-based advertising network that enables individuals to own and is compensated for their personal data. In other words, users can selectively sell their personal data to advertising networks, meaning one can earn from the advertisements you choose to watch.

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How Does The Algebraix ICO Work?

Algebraix is based on blockchain technology which is revolutionizing industries globally. Blockchain technology, which is the foundation of cryptocurrency, enables efficiency in recording a two-part transaction in a secure and verifiable way. Personal data which is essentially a user’s full digital footprint consists of a variety of information such as financial data, health information, personal documents, purchase, and personal history to say the least. Algebraix works by storing such data in the Personal Secure Vault or PSV which consists of a mobile and PC device that works as a storage system and includes an end-to-end encryption. By using cipher AES-256 to encrypt data held in the vault, Algebraix then anonymizes their database. This means that the database will only expose profile data to companies that want to market themselves to selected and willing data owner participants. This data encryption ensures that nobody including Algebraix will have access to the user’s data in PSV unless granted permission.

Benefits For Algebraix ICO Investors

The benefits of Algebraix are self-evident and numerous, but they can be captured under the umbrella of restoring one’s right to privacy and security. It is the solution to data protection in the age of hackers and untrustworthy corporations. By restoring a degree of control to data owners, Algebraix aims to address and solve data exploitation. In addition, considerable value is restored to the consumer’s role in the market by having advertisers pay for the attention given. In addition, being continuously exposed to numerous advertisements daily has led to consumers tuning out, as evident in the rampant use of Ad blocking software. In this case neither the consumer nor the advertiser’s benefit. Algebraix aims to improve the relationship between the advertisers and the consumer in a way that both parties benefit.

Features of Algebraix ICO

The main difference between a coin and token is that a crypto coin acts as a medium of exchange, like money but a token, though valuable and tradable is designed to primarily enable the provision of a service. Such is the Algebraix ALX. In other words, advertisers use a target list created from the anonymized data to present ads to users who then choose whether or not to view them. In the event that they do view an ad, advertisers pay them directly for ALX tokens. It also will be adding a feature that enables users to earn tokens just by sharing ads with friends and family. In this way, it uses the creation of virality as a means of spreading the adoption of Algebraix.

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March 26, 2018 – June 1, 2018

2018/05/31 23:59:57

Algebraix ICO Roadmap

Milestone 1

The network launch: when this occurs the ALX ledger will be operational and ALX holders will be able to hold ALX in a wallet and transfer amounts of ALX to and from that wallet. A base capability will provide for the storage of personal data by a PSV client application. It will store personal and profile data encrypted locally on the device and via the ALX blockchain. The PSV app will also be a wallet for ALX so that it can facilitate payment and reward activity. The securing and storage of data will be carried out by smart contracts on the ALX blockchain.

Milestone 2

The completion of a permission engine that enables any organization to select subsets of the PSV population who wish to participate, to present advertisements and receive responses. The development will run concurrently with the development of the PSV.

Milestone 3

The project to develop the InterBlockchain Communication Fabric (IBCF) will also start concurrently with the PSV application project. Once running, it will enable PSV owners to take advantage of services available through other blockchains.

Algebraix ICO

Team of the Algebraix ICO

Charles H. Silver CEO
Charles H. Silver
Andy Shah CTO
Andy Shah
Robin Bloor, PhD Chief Strategy Officer
Robin Bloor, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer
Steven Wilkinson, CISSP, CBP CISO
Steven Wilkinson, CISSP, CBP
Raj Lakhani CFO
Raj Lakhani
Therese Fahy HR & Controller
Therese Fahy
HR & Controller
Michelle Ray Director of Communications
Michelle Ray
Director of Communications
Gary J. Sherman, PhD Founding Mathematician
Gary J. Sherman, PhD
Founding Mathematician
Erin Bailey Office Manager & Coordinator
Erin Bailey
Office Manager & Coordinator
Rachel Pekar Marketing Assistant
Rachel Pekar
Marketing Assistant
Kris Lundberg Art Director
Kris Lundberg
Art Director
Matt Renfro Web Master
Matt Renfro
Web Master
Gerhard Fiedler Principle Engineer
Gerhard Fiedler
Principle Engineer
Steve Johnston Senior Development Engineer
Steve Johnston
Senior Development Engineer
James Casiraghi Senior Development Engineer
James Casiraghi
Senior Development Engineer
Jon Heller Development Engineer
Jon Heller
Development Engineer
Ben Tuttle Product Manager
Ben Tuttle
Product Manager
Shane McDougal Agile Scrum Master
Shane McDougal
Agile Scrum Master
Gary Strader Senior Development Engineer
Gary Strader
Senior Development Engineer
Daniel Hiltbrand Development Engineer
Daniel Hiltbrand
Development Engineer
David McKay Content Manager
David McKay
Content Manager
William D. Ingram Member
William D. Ingram
Robert Bingham Member
Robert Bingham
Brad Murdoch Member
Brad Murdoch
Cindy Anderson Member
Cindy Anderson

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Token Allocation Of Algebraix ICO:

  • Company Reserve 55%
  • Company Account 20%
  • SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) token pre-sale 25%


Algebraix is a company based in Austin Texas. The platform enables users to selectively monetize their data by receiving ALX cryptocurrency from advertisers in exchange for data and users attention. It is essentially the mathematics of metadata that solves major problems in the world of data economics today.