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What is Acorns?


Acorns is brilliant at learning you how to invest in a right way in order to get more income. It is the quite unusual millennial money-saving strategy. So as you may have already guessed Acorns is the best choice for students, beginner investors and simply for those who strive to moderate the budget.

Quick Facts About Acorns

Acorns Minimum Deposit


Acorns Fee

$1/month or 0.25% per year for accounts greater than $5000


  • Efficient strategies
  • Reasonably priced account minimum
  • Excellent working app
  • Prominent customer support



  • No tax-loss harvesting


A few simple entry steps are required. At first, you should create an account then it is necessary to connect your card to it. The important note should be added here, there is no charge for creating an account. You should pay just $5 in order to start making investments. The next thing is shopping and this is literally the pre-final stage. After that goes the investing of your change. And starting from this moment you can observe how your money is growing. Furthermore, Acorns offer the another investment options that include recurring, one-time, found money and referrals. So everyone can find the proper variant which suits his taste in a full extent.

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The outstanding feature of this company is that offers its professional services at the very low price. You should agree that it sounds extremely fantastic that you have the chance to get access to automated investing, the diverse smart portfolios, link unlimited cards paying just $1 per month for your membership. In addition, this pack allows you to make the investments and nullify them whenever it is needed. There will be no issues with the given process at all. The company cooperates with the numerous famous brands that is why the challenge of finding money for you is simplified to a great extent and much time is saved in such a way too. One more key component is Grow magazine which is aimed to enrich your financial knowledge.


You can always use the given services without any slight hesitation as all your data are protected securely.

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