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Choosing the smartphone every person has a question “Should I get an iPhone?”. Of course, everything depends on the sum of money which you have. But if you can allow yourself to buy an expensive phone then you think “Why Apple is better than Android?” And this is not strange because this is a widely spread question among people. Many of us hesitate what to select iPhone or Android. But if you want a convenient and functional phone than you need to choose the Apple production especially when it concerns the iPhone 6 series.

There are 12 advantages iPhone VS Android which helps you to make the right decision.

Closed-Source System

First of all, you need to know that iPhones use a closed-source system. It means that it cannot be downloaded and nobody can break it. While the Android system can be installed in any device. It means that it can be very easy to break.

Stylish Design

Any iPhone looks better than Android. It has a very stylish design and convenient arrangement of buttons. But concerning this do not worth to forget the saying “tastes differ”.

Excellent Camera

The iPhone takes great photos because it is equipped with the best cameras. The number of megapixels depends on the model of iPhone. Do no doubt that every model will take a wonderful picture or panorama. Moreover, there is an option to make a unique and high-quality portrait.

Work Quickly

They work more quickly than Androids and this is a big advantage. Because choosing the iPhone you save your time. They in no time perform complex commands.

Simple in Use

IOS remains the easiest and most intuitive system. You can very easy to learn how to use the iPhone and does not matter how much old you are.


Many games and apps originally come out of iOS because iPhone launches even the most difficult tasks. Developers are still making money on iOS apps. So they pay so much attention to that. In most cases, users of the iPhones first receive new programs and games. Most developers to release an app on the iPhone and iPad first, and only launch it on Android for some time. The most active users on iOS. That is why the developers of all the popular and successful programs are doing their product first of all for this operating system and only then upgrade it for the platforms of competitors.

You do not need to get into the details and wonder if your device will run a game with maximum graphics settings or not because in iPhones work absolutely everything that is in the App Store. Apps always look more attractive, on the iPhone and iPad than on Android. This is the right example of the answer to the question “What can an iPhone do that an Android can’t?”

iPhone Updates

The indisputable advantage of the iPhone is the system updates, which happens on the same day on all models. So you do not need to worry about how to update your phone. There is no need to download some programs which are necessary for the smartphone. The system IOS make it instead of you.

The Best Services

If there is some problem with the iPhone there is no need to worry. The base of helpful reference articles on the Apple website or a consult from the service center will help you to solve any problem.

If you have some problems with Android you need to go to the store where you have bought it. The seller tries to solve your problem but in most cases, he or she just sent your phone to service center. The repair can take a lot of time.


Many people say that IOS is the best-protected system. So you should not worry about your personal information.


Almost every people in the world like to listen to music. iPhones give the best sound. This phone has always been good in the sounding in the headphones, and without them too. It gives a pure sound with the bass and high level of detail. An iPhone is a wonderful choice for those who highly appreciate a good sound.

Diversity of Accessories

There is a big variety of accessories for the iPhone. The good thing is that you can buy or order online what you want. Everything will depend on the sum of money which you have. Of course, you can order very expensive accessories for your iPhone but cheap cases, stands, tripods, gamepads, breathalyzers, and musical equipment are also available.

The Prestige of the Company

Of course, the prestige of the company is a very important factor which influences a customer. Modern people always want to be in trend. This one of the reason why are iPhones better than Androids. The reputation of the company has a very big impact on the client’s choice. If there are a lot of negative feedback about production than, of course, people will not buy it. Not because of its bad product but because he or she saw terrible feedback. Choose the products of Apple you select reliable, quality and at the same time simplicity.

Besides, you will feel more confident with the iPhone in the hands. This is not only about prestige. This phone can improve your life and save your time because there are the best apps which you can use anywhere. Quick work of an iPhone will launch even the complete tasks in no time.

So, buying phone takes into account these characteristics because they will help you to make the right choice. Moreover, if you buy a smartphone as a present the iPhone is an excellent decision. Do not doubt that your friend or relative will be very happy to receive such a present. It will show your respect and love to this person. Remember that there is no best present then an iPhone, which one to choose is up to you.